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Robert Bork

September 17, 1989
In the April 9 Travel Section I read an article by Norman Dash about a covered wagon trip in Wyoming. I decided to take that journey back in time and I'd like you to know that it was an authentic time for me and the others, as we spent four days on the Oregon Trail by wagon, horse and walking. Trails West is a first-class outfit and should be given credit for recreating a wagon trip that gives one a great admiration for the pioneers who toughed it out four to six months traveling this terrain.
September 20, 1987
After watching the first day of the Bork confirmation hearings, I came to the conclusion that Bork's intellectual capacity and integrity greatly exceeds that of the Senate panel. GARY A. ROBB Los Angeles
July 12, 1987
Let's fact it. If President Reagan could choose Jesus Christ for the Supreme Court--special interest groups and TV-preening senators would fight the nomination. ROSE MARY DALLMAN Coronado
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