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Robert Reich

October 26, 1997 | VALERIE MINER, Valerie Miner is the author of the forthcoming novel "Range of Light."
"The Crystal Frontier," a novel in nine stories, explores the deceptively transparent border between Mexico and the United States. Carlos Fuentes' 19th book is amphibian fiction--a form hovering between long and short prose--an acute political novel and a cosmopolitan, intergenerational saga.
September 3, 1994
* Games lost: 15. * Total games lost: 284. * Games remaining: 385. * Total income lost by players: $97.2 million. * Estimated revenue lost by owners: $187 million. * Key development: None and no negotiating session is scheduled. * In quotes: "Baseball had been the emblem of the national pastime, the emblem of kids, the symbol of summer. It is now unfortunately becoming a symbol of national greed." --Robert Reich Labor Secretary
August 7, 1994 | Associated Press
Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who has offered to help resolve baseball's labor dispute, will attend a Boston Red Sox doubleheader today "to see what the hometown fans have to say about all this," a spokesman said. Reich, a former Yale professor and longtime Red Sox fan, plans to meet with union representatives from both teams.
December 9, 1995 | Reuters
Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich has told government lawyers to work through the weekend to draft rules that will make it more difficult for employers to take employees' 401(k) retirement money for their own needs, the New York Times reported in today's editions.
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