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Robert W Naylor

April 23, 1987
Robert W. Naylor, chairman of the California Republican Party, announced that President Reagan will send a letter to voters endorsing Assemblyman Wayne Grisham (R-Norwalk) for the state Senate in a special May 12 runoff election against Democrat Cecil N. Green, a Norwalk city councilman.
September 25, 1988
Current trends and solutions to problems in the industrial real estate field will be explored Tuesday at the 1988 Industrial Real Estate Conference at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel, 5855 W. Century Blvd. Among the speakers at the event sponsored by the American Industrial Real Estate Assn. are: Allen Moore, under secretary of commerce for international trade; Martha R. Seger, governor of the Federal Reserve System; Peter F. Allgeier, assistant U.S.
April 18, 1986 | From a Times Staff Writer
The Assembly on Thursday approved a measure urging Californians to boycott wines made in France and Spain because the two countries refused to let American warplanes fly over their territories on the way to bomb Libya. On a day mostly devoted to foreign policy and election-year rhetoric, the lower house also approved, 59 to 4, a second measure supporting President Reagan's decision to order the air strike as a step against terrorism he said is spawned in the homeland of Col. Moammar Kadafi.
June 12, 1988
I was shocked to see myself characterized as "praising" Michael Dukakis in William Schneider's column "The Battle for California" (Opinion, June 5). My remarks to Schneider were in the vein of saying that Dukakis has potential appeal to Californians from his own false presentation of his Massachusetts record. He did not implement the tax cutting measure (Proposition 2 1/2) in any other sense than letting it take effect. He opposed the measure to begin with and proposed a variety of tax increases during his tenure as governor.
February 14, 1986 | LANIE JONES, Times Political Writer
Four of the leading Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate came to Irvine on Thursday to tell Orange County business executives why each candidate was best able to defeat Democratic Sen. Alan Cranston, who is seeking reelection in November. The forum, sponsored by the Industrial League of Orange County, was Rep. Bobbi Fiedler's first public appearance in the county since the Los Angeles County Grand Jury on Jan.
May 23, 1986 | PAUL HOUSTON, Times Staff Writer
Three of the seven major contenders for the Republican senatorial nomination in California appear to be in the same millionaire class with incumbent Democrat Alan Cranston, according to financial disclosure statements filed with the Senate. And all three--economist Arthur B. Laffer, state Assemblyman Robert W. Naylor (R-Menlo Park) and U.S. Rep. Ed Zschau (R-Los Altos)--are banking hefty investment earnings.
October 31, 1985 | JOHN BALZAR, Times Political Writer
In Republican Party politics, there is what is known as the 11th Commandment. It prohibits one candidate for election from speaking ill of another. But like an ice cream cone, it doesn't last too long when things get hot. In the crowded GOP contest for the June, 1986, U.S. Senate primary, friction between two Silicon Valley candidates warmed things up considerably Wednesday. Assemblyman Robert W.
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