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Robert Weiss

March 31, 1987 | DONALD WOUTAT, Times Staff Writer
Atlantic Richfield said Monday that it plans to accelerate the payment of nearly $1 billion in debt this year with the help of proceeds from the recent sale of such assets as Arco Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. Coupled with regularly scheduled debt that it will pay off this year, Arco said it expects to trim its long-term debt in 1987 by a total of $1.4 billion, or almost one-fifth.
The Lawndale City Council has ordered an investigation of City Manager John E. Nowak's handling of a four-unit condominium project last year. After a lengthy, often contentious debate among council members at Thursday's meeting, the council voted 5 to 0 to direct City Atty. David J. Aleshire to determine whether Nowak acted improperly in issuing permits for Jonathan Stein's project. Gary McDonald, a local activist and former planning commissioner, alleged at the council's Dec.
She may say "no, no" but her fan says "yes, yes." A woman in 18th-Century England might have told a suitor she was not interested in him, but a peek over her fan sent a contradictory message. This was the age of coded communication, theatrical gestures and grandiose style. During the 18th Century in England, the upper-classes seemed to make everything bigger than life. Clothes were huge, elaborate costumes. Sentences were punctuated with a flourish of gestures.
February 13, 1986 | MARTHA L. WILLMAN, Times Staff Writer
Artifacts from the Egyptian Village Cafe, Glendale's famous fantasy-style restaurant of the 1920s which was torn down last year, have been donated for use in another fantasy kind of place--one of the theme parks owned by Walt Disney Productions. The Glendale Historical Society acquired and stored architectural features from the cafe after it lost a long battle to preserve the building.
January 13, 2003 | From Associated Press
In an unusual move, a group of small investors who say they lost their life savings because of Wall Street analyst Jack Grubman's puffed-up stock rating for WorldCom Inc. are taking their complaints en masse to the security industry's watchdog group. More than 100 investors are filing an arbitration claim today with the National Assn. of Securities Dealers, said Robert Weiss, the investors' attorney. Weiss said his firm could handle up to 100,000 similar claims.
December 16, 2012 | By Brian Bennett
NEWTOWN, Conn. - It was meant to be a day of mourning, but parishioners inside a Catholic Church here had their fears renewed Sunday when a bomb threat forced a mid-morning evacuation and a SWAT team converged and surrounded a rectory. The threat, which came during morning services, was “a menacing call that threatened to disrupt the Mass in a violent way,” said Brian Wallace, a spokesman for the local diocese. As parishioners filed out of St. Rose of Lima Church, there was a swell of raw emotion -- disappointment, distress, anger and sadness, Wallace said.
December 25, 2012 | By Matt Pearce
Memorials to the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims flourished on Christmas Day as Newtown, Conn., police got a break from holiday duty, with officers from nearby jurisdictions relieving them. The usual Christmas trappings dotted the town -- wreaths, trees -- but alongside the teddy bears and other mementos dominated by the number 26, for the 20 students and six school staffers shot dead at Sandy Hook on Dec. 14.  The Danbury News Times reported   26 Christmas stockings dangling from a rail, 26 cardboard angels in the snow, 26 Christmas trees at one intersection -- tributes that, in number, omit Nancy Lanza, the shooter's mother and his first victim.
Several years ago, Sara Taggart started noticing she was losing a lot of hair whenever she took a shower. As she combed it, more hairs would end up in the sink. Then one day she noticed a patch of bare skin on the back of her head--a bald spot. Taggart, who manages a private estate in Baltimore County, was distraught. Her mother had lost a lot of her hair in her 60s and 70s, gradually becoming bald. But Taggart was only 53. "I was afraid this was going to happen to me, too," she says.
August 12, 1993 | JEFF McDONALD
A longtime controller for a Thousand Oaks actuarial firm sentenced to prison for embezzling more than $111,000 was granted an appeal Wednesday on the restitution portion of his sentence. Nooshin Zahab, a 43-year-old Reseda man who for five years worked as the controller for Advanced Benefits Systems, must only pay a restitution fine of $10,000, rather than the $20,000 penalty imposed last year by Ventura County Superior Court Judge James M. McNally.
March 11, 1988 | KEVIN THOMAS
**"Amazon Women on the Moon." MCA. $79.95. Like all anthology comedies, this is a hit-and-miss affair, made up of 20 vignettes written by Michael Barrie and Jim Mulholland and possessing varying degrees of humor. Most of them are spoofs of commercials and old movies. When the film is funny, it's often hilarious and low-down; but when it isn't, it's embarrassingly grim. However, "Amazon Women" balances out as an amiable diversion--provided you're in an undemanding mood.
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