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August 5, 1994 | From Reuters
A robot exploring the inside of an active Alaskan volcano began walking again Thursday after its remote power supply was fixed by engineers, scientists said. The eight-legged Dante II robot had started to climb back up the inside of the Mt. Spurr volcano, 90 miles west of Anchorage, Wednesday after completing its science mission when it suffered a loss of power, they said. It spent the night and part of Thursday stranded some 600 feet below the rim of the crater.
October 14, 1994 | LYNN FRANEY
For the first and perhaps last time, a life-size, two-story-tall, 42-foot-long, moving and roaring tyrannosaurus will appear this weekend in Orange County. The 6,000-pound steel-and-foam creature, designed by Irvine-based Dinamation International, will be the star attraction of the Kids Stuff Festival at Lion Country Center in Irvine. "When kids see dinosaur bones, they can't picture the whole animal," said Dinamation spokeswoman Wendy Keiper.
April 21, 1992 | GREG HERNANDEZ
With students looking on from the docks, the Orange County Marine Institute on Monday unveiled a new remote-controlled underwater vehicle which institute officials say will put them on the cutting edge of ocean exploration. The Mini Rover MK II, a bright yellow robot that resembles a miniature submarine, explored the underside of the docks and the underwater pier pilings in Dana Point Harbor, and transmitted its findings to the students via television screen.
January 24, 1998 | EDWARD M. YOON
Chatsworth High School received a $10,000 donation this week from a division of Boeing to fund the school's entry in a national student engineering competition. "Robo Charlie," a robot built by Chatsworth High students for last year's national FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition, accepted the check from representatives of the Canoga Park-based Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power.
January 2, 1990 | From Associated Press
Going to a shopping mall to buy a robot may sound like a futuristic fantasy, but Jean Du Teau is gambling in the present on science fiction becoming fact. Du Teau owns Robot World, a retail robot store tucked into a Rochester shopping center next to a maternity boutique and an optician's shop. Visitors are greeted at the door by RB5X, a small, gray figure with a shiny domed head who chirps "Hello stranger." Du Teau, president of Rochester Robotics Inc.
November 24, 2000 | Associated Press
Dancing, kicking, sashaying or asking to be kissed, the robots at the Robodex 2000 exhibition are trying to spread the message that they don't have to carry out useful tasks to make great companions--and bring in big money as well. The exhibition, shown to reporters Thursday ahead of its opening to the public today, brings together the Aibo lion-cub pet robot from Sony Corp., the walking Asimo robot from Honda Motor Co.
August 25, 1989 | From Associated Press
Flush with success, researchers returned Thursday to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald hoping for more startlingly clear views of the famed vessel 556 feet beneath the surface of Lake Superior. "The tension is off," said Carol Swinehart of Michigan Sea Grant, one of the sponsors of an expedition to explore shipwrecks with a small, deep-water robot that takes three-dimensional video pictures.
March 13, 2004 | From Associated Press
Fifteen teams have qualified for today's $1-million self-navigating-robot race across the Mojave Desert, even though more than half of them failed to finish a flat obstacle course a little more than a mile long during trials. Seven unmanned vehicles -- ranging from dune buggies to a 16-ton truck -- navigated the test course sprinkled with gravel pits, metal rods and other barriers in qualifying runs this week.
March 17, 1987 | Associated Press
Top officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will meet with key space advisers this week to discuss plans for an ambitious exploration of Mars at the end of the century by robots and, later, by astronauts. A robot mission would employ a rover vehicle to collect samples from the Martian surface and a vehicle to return the materials to Earth. The space agency is considering 1998 for the start of such a mission. Among those who will be at the meeting with James C.
Plans for the new east wing of the Cal State Northridge library at first do not seem very user-friendly, considering that they include shelves too high to reach, bad lighting and a lot of noisy equipment. Even worse, all of the more than 500,000 books there will be kept in random order.
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