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January 27, 1988 | Associated Press
A coal miner used a rope and a ham sandwich Tuesday to free a 2-year-old terrier named Rocky that had been trapped for eight days about 40 feet down a narrow crevice on a Welsh mountain. The rescue followed efforts to free the dog with heavy machinery. Martin Townsend, 27, said he threw down the sandwich to lure Rocky into a noose he had lowered into the crevice, then hauled the pooch out.
June 25, 1988
Did we win? Why does it feel so hollow? The Detroit Pistons were down by 15 in the third quarter and still almost pulled it off--without Isiah Thomas and in the midst of a raucous Forum crowd. Why are all my transplanted Michigan friends so smug and proud? Why do I have this terrible image of Showtime, the Laker girls and Jack Nicholson just being an all-too-real representation of the same disturbing traits found in Apollo Creed--the ostentatious and conceited boxer who nearly lost to underdog Rocky in the first Rocky film.
July 21, 1985
I was much heartened at Champlin's incisive commentary. "Rambo's" underlying message is a chilling and ultimately dangerous one. In its unstinting conservatism, lurid glorification of war, and attempted rewriting of history, "Rambo" does both itself and its audience a disservice--coupled with the upcoming "Rocky IV," Stallone's latest opuses seem geared to spark a Russophobia and neo-rightism inspired by that most universal (and high-grossing)...
May 23, 1986 | DAVID T. FRIENDLY, Times Staff Writer
Sylvester Stallone, currently considered Hollywood's most "bankable" box-office star, entered Thursday into a six-year, 10-picture deal with United Artists Corp., the studio that first backed him 10 years ago on the movie "Rocky." At a press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday morning, new UA chairman and chief executive officer Lee Rich said Stallone will star in at least five of the films and will write, direct or produce the remainder.
May 29, 1987
Jorge (Rocky) Garcia of Placentia knocked out Cesar Zepeda of Los Angeles midway through the second round of a scheduled 10-round junior lightweight bout Thursday night at the Irvine Marriot. After flooring Zepeda with a right hand to the nose, Garcia immediately landed a right-left combination that sent Zepeda to the canvas a second time. Zepeda was counted out by referee Dr. James Jen-Kin at 1:50 of the round.
I'm turning 30 in a few weeks, but I've been handling it well. I don't have gray hair yet or wrinkles, so I've been rather pleased with myself as I near what others seem to consider a landmark of sorts. In fact, I've been doing so well that I've taken what has to be a unique approach for any L.A. woman: I have declared my thirtyness before its legitimate time. For months now I have been telling new acquaintances that I am 30, rather than 29. I say this to prove that I'm coping well.
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