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Rodney Lossow

November 8, 1990 | TIM KAWAKAMI
The Rams activated Marcus Dupree off the injured-reserve list Wednesday, but Dupree and Coach John Robinson cautioned against expecting the 26-year-old running back to see much action Sunday against the New York Giants at Anaheim Stadium. "I've got to look at it in reality," said Dupree, who is bringing his two sons, his mother and his little brother from Mississippi to the game. "I've been out of this game for five years, so don't expect to see me go out there and bust an 80-yard touchdown.
September 7, 1989 | GENE WOJCIECHOWSKI, Times Staff Writer
Those waiting breathlessly for the Cleveland Gary Era to begin might want to take a few more gulps of air. As it stands now, it's going to be awhile before the Rams' first-round draft choice has to worry about grass stains on his game uniform. A 57-day contract holdout will do that, as will lousy timing. Gary, a versatile fullback from the University of Miami, chose to agree to terms just three days before the start of the regular season.
September 5, 1989 | GENE WOJCIECHOWSKI, Times Staff Writer
The Rams didn't labor long Monday, choosing to prune their player roster to 47 and then leave the rest of the personnel work for today. They didn't have much choice, really. Thirteen players had to go, but now comes the fun part: Who gets to come back? Gone, at least on paper, is quarterback Steve Dils, the human insurance policy; tackle Kevin Robbins; quarterback Jeff Carlson; safety Thom Kaumeyer; guard Warren Wheat; receiver Thomas Henley; running back Mel Farr Jr.
August 12, 1989 | CHRIS DUFRESNE, Times Staff Writer
Tight end or no tight end, the Rams will meet their scheduled exhibition appointment with the Denver Broncos tonight at 6 at Mile High Stadium. What's the use? Well, the game's on the schedule and there's really no turning back. That's not to say one team wouldn't like to. The Rams, reeling from Tokyo jet-lag and the loss of key position players, could have used the time to sleep or place want-ads.
August 11, 1989 | CHRIS DUFRESNE, Times Staff Writer
With no incidents or scandals to speak of, and malice toward none, Ram center Doug Smith has peacefully survived almost as many style changes as coaching changes. In fact, you could blackmail Smith with the threat of wallpapering the locker room with his rookie mug shots of 1978, when Smith's hair raged like a five-alarm fire in a coif best described as early Angela Davis. And that was only from the neck up. Consider the times. "Three-piece suits, wide lapels," Smith said ashamedly.
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