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If you're old enough to have midriff bulge, the fashion stories emanating from television can be a major turnoff. There's no denying the spandex-and-denim set dominates the tube's style waves, from "Melrose Place" to MTV. But a few stylish, mature role models--for whom black leather motorcycle jackets are not the be-all and end-all--do exist.
November 13, 2013 | Robin Abcarian
He's not resigning, he's not taking a leave of absence and he's not admitting he has a problem. So what's next for Rob Ford, Toronto's delusional crack-smoking mayor? “There might be a hanger left in my closet,” he admitted Wednesday during a raucous Toronto City Council meeting. Ya think? He's the subject of a police investigation into misbehavior that includes not just cocaine, but possibly prostitutes and drunk driving. (He won't cooperate with the cops, he said, but that's only because he's acting on advice of his attorney.
Can you say "yanked?" That is what Nike did this week to one of its commercials featuring NBA basketball star David Robinson that parodies "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood." In the TV spot for the company's Force line of basketball shoes, Robinson ties his shoes, then looks at the camera and asks: "Can you say, 'Kick some butt?' " The commercial premiered on CBS during the World Series.
July 26, 2013
Why did Ryan Braun use drugs? He had 127 million reasons to use them. And he gets to keep every single one of them. Why is anyone shocked by this? Jeff Heister Chatsworth :: Ryan Braun: "I am not perfect. I realize now that I have made some mistakes. " Translation: "If I were perfect, I wouldn't have made the mistake of getting caught using PEDs. " Ron Tom Pasadena :: Media question to Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke: "How do you feel knowing that Ryan Braun lied to you?"
July 1, 2010
Role Models John Waters Farrar, Straus and Giroux: 304 pp., $25
March 30, 1990 | CINDY LaFAVRE YORKS, Yorks, a free-lance writer regularly contributes to The Times fashion pages
Fashion models over age 40 who once kept their gray at bay are rediscovering their roots--and capitalizing on a market with potential growth. U.S. magazines such as Mirabella, Lear's and Moxie (based in Woodland Hills), that cater to mature audiences, are filling their pages with, "women who weren't born yesterday," as the Lear's promotional line reads. And, even traditional high fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar are devoting more space to seasoned models.
September 27, 2003
RE "Runway, Curfew," by Booth Moore, Sept. 20: First, the families of these teenage models are crazy to let them work in such an adult atmosphere at such a tender age. Second, it is an insult by the designers to think that adults would want to buy clothes fit for young adolescents. I will give my money to clothing stores and brands that respect my age, experience and job responsibilities. Carol May Los Angeles
November 18, 2011 | By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
Taylor Swift has finally weighed in on whether she considers herself a role model for impressionable young people. And the verdict is ... she accepts! In an interview to be broadcast this Sunday on "60 Minutes," the singer said she believes she can be an influence among some fans, and she's OK with that. But how influential are celebs when it comes to health-related issues such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and weight? Studies show that teens' habits and choices may be affected by famous people they admire, but they're not the only ones who hold sway.
July 1, 2010 | By Carolyn Kellogg, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Is John Waters a victim of his own popularity? The pencil-mustached favorite son of Baltimore started out as a purveyor of the outrageous; his greatest star, the 300-pound transvestite Divine, once ate dog feces on screen. (No, it wasn't a special effect.) But Waters' gleeful tastelessness has been softened by mainstream acceptance, beginning with his 1988 film "Hairspray," which became a modest breakthrough hit. The story of a hefty girl who integrates an early 1960s TV dance show, it was eventually turned into a Broadway show that won eight Tony Awards, including best musical — and then was remade as a big-budget film.
September 21, 2003 | Nick Owchar, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Early in his career, an aspiring novelist faces a moment when he must decide to take his vocation seriously or else remain a dreamer, unpublished and unconsidered. Michael Mewshaw's occurred in the office of legendary Random House editor Albert Erskine. In "Do I Owe You Something?" he explains that he sent his first novel, "Man in Motion," to Erskine before learning who Erskine was: "I heard Peter [Taylor] bought Faulkner's house in Charlottesville," Erskine tells Mewshaw, who had studied with Taylor at the University of Virginia.
June 23, 2013 | By Reed Johnson
When Jennifer Lopez received her star last week on the Hollywood Walk of Fame , the Bronx-born singer/actor gave thanks for the honor and cited a number of female artists who'd inspired her own career. It was a revealing list of women who, like Lopez, all set out to conquer more than one medium at a time: pop music, film, television, cosmetics, fashion and, in the case of Jane Fonda, feminist politics and physical fitness as well. Among those symbolic mentors, Lopez mentioned Fonda, her co-star in the 2005 feature film "Monster-in-Law.
June 11, 2013 | By Oliver Gettell
After five years playing the strong, supportive guidance counselor and wife Tami Taylor on the football drama "Friday Night Lights," it's no surprise Connie Britton developed an image as something of a role model. "When 'Friday Night Lights' was over, I definitely was almost stunted in a way by having this sense of responsibility - that I needed to somehow maintain this role model or this image that I was putting out into the world, and that I had a responsibility to that," Britton said during a recent Envelope Emmy Round Table on the topic of TV dramas.
May 28, 2013
Re "Scouts end ban on gay youths," May 24 The basic reason that up until last week the Boy Scouts of America excluded openly gay youth has been overlooked. At its most fundamental level, all policy is decided by the national council, as The Times has reported. But it's important to know that the national council members are appointed by the regional councils, whose members are determined by the local councils. Every organization that sponsors a unit gets to vote at the local council.
March 27, 2013 | Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times
As one of the first high-ranking Latina administrators at a top American private university, Cecilia Preciado Burciaga inspired and mentored hundreds of Chicano and Latino students and faculty members during 20 years at Stanford University. She taught hesitant young women and men, many the first in their families to attend college, that they belonged and could thrive at the elite private school, and later kept more than a few from dropping out. She soothed nervous parents, persuading them, in Spanish and English, that the university was a safe place for their children and that it would open their eyes to new worlds.
March 20, 2013 | By Jenn Harris
A man was caught on camera during a Magic vs. Pacer game refusing to share his ice cream cone with his girlfriend. He's watching the game, enjoying his ice cream, when all of the sudden, his girlfriend tries to stick her spoon in it. He nonchalantly pulls away causing her to give him her best "oh-no-you-didn't face. " If you're his girlfriend, or any one of her friends, you're probably thinking this guy is a jerk. She just wanted a little ice cream. What's the big deal?
February 2, 2013 | T.J. Simers
BIRMINGHAM, Mich. - When Ron Artest first came to town I ignored him, wanting nothing to do with a wacko. "A lot of people do that," Artest says. I thought he was just a thug. "I tell people who call me a thug you're calling the right person a thug," he says. "I was raised to be a thug. " Others insist he's a sweetheart, although Ron Artest and sweetheart don't really seem to go together. But here we are in a Detroit suburb, the wacko thug more sensitive, insightful and sweet than advertised.
February 27, 1992 | CARL E. DICKERSON, CARL E. DICKERSON, president of the Black Business Assn. of Los Angeles and owner of an insurance brokerage firm for more than 20 years, commented on today's African-American role models: and
Today we find African-American role models in every walk of life--the mechanic who coaches the Little League team, or Reginald F. Lewis, who heads TLC Beatrice International, a billion-dollar food company or actress Marla Gibbs, who supports a community theater group. And obviously they include Gen. Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, secretary of health and human services and any member of the Black Business Assn.
January 10, 2013 | Eric Sondheimer
Sitting at the top level of the gymnasium bleachers, Harvey Mason Jr. leaves no doubt about his joy as a father watching his son, Trey, play basketball for Los Angeles Loyola. Yes, he has been nominated for Grammy Awards, is recognized as one of the world's most accomplished music producers and songwriters, gets to hang out with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Aretha Franklin and Justin Timberlake, and once averaged 28 points for his high school basketball team in the 1980s, but the elder Mason looks so content just playing the role of proud dad. "Sitting in the stands is definitely a great thing for me," Mason said.
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