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Ron Brown

April 8, 1986 | RICH ROBERTS, Times Staff Writer
Ron Brown, who the Rams bill as "the fastest man in professional football," was in no hurry to take a spin around the Long Beach Grand Prix race course during a recent publicity session. "It's a different world," he said. Brown was scheduled to drive one of the modified cars in the Pro/Celebrity Race Saturday, and he had the look of a man wondering to himself, how'd I get myself into this? "They just called me up and asked if I'd like to drive in it. I thought it would be a lot of fun.
July 26, 1989 | CHRIS DUFRESNE, Times Staff Writer
As quick as a 100-meter dash, Ron Brown fell back into good graces with the Rams on Tuesday, agreeing to terms on a one-year contract that might finally end the stormy five-year relationship between player and management. This is the same Brown who was so infuriated last season during contract negotiations that he retired from football at a teary-eyed press conference and then headed full speed toward the Olympic Trials in Indianapolis.
January 13, 1993
A group of major corporations that have joined together as "Friends of Ron Brown" will be footing the bill for a gala testimonial at Washington's Kennedy Center next Sunday for the man Bill Clinton wants as his secretary of commerce. The planned party may not be the biggest or most lavish among the many scheduled for inaugural week, but certainly it will rank as among the most misguided.
December 26, 1988 | KEITH LOVE, Times Political Writer
At a time when it is trying to figure out a way to attract a larger share of moderate whites in presidential elections, the national Democratic Party is facing a tough decision. Its leading candidate for party chairman is a black man who has been close to two of the party's liberal icons, Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
April 4, 1996
Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown carried his message of "trade, not aid" around the world, taking business leaders with him to Bosnia, Haiti, South Africa, Northern Ireland, the Middle East and elsewhere in search of profits for U.S. firms and, in many cases, to offer help in rebuilding war-torn countries. He was on just such a mission Wednesday with top American executives, government officials and reporters when their Air Force jet went down in bad weather on a hillside in Croatia.
April 25, 1988 | RANDY HARVEY, Times Staff Writer
Ron Brown, a Ram wide receiver until he unexpectedly announced his retirement last week, barely had time to catch his breath Sunday after the first race of his latest career, track and field, before reporters surrounded him to ask about his previous one. They wanted to know if he had paid any attention to the National Football League draft. "A little bit," he said nonchalantly.
October 24, 1986 | MAL FLORENCE, Times Staff Writer
Some people enjoy eating little snacks during the day to satisfy hunger pangs. Ron Brown, USC's weak-side outside linebacker, eats for a different reason--and he doesn't enjoy it. A lightweight linebacker last year at 200 pounds, Brown was determined to gain weight, so he began stuffing himself with bananas. Soon, Brown was eating a dozen a day.
April 20, 1988 | CHRIS DUFRESNE, Times Staff Writer
With the 1988 Summer Olympic Games approaching and contract negotiations with the Rams failing, wide receiver Ron Brown announced Tuesday that he is retiring from professional football after four seasons to resume a career in track and field. Brown, a football free agent and former world-class sprinter, made the decision after concluding that he and the Rams were headed for a messy and lengthy summer training camp holdout.
The Raiders' roster cut to 47 players Monday took with it some famous names--linebacker Jerry Robinson, quarterback Vince Evans and kick returner Ron Brown. Stay tuned for the rest of the story. "What you see is not always what you get," Coach Art Shell said. In the annual rite of NFL roster juggling, veteran players are routinely released on final cutdown day to protect younger talent, injured players or both on the final roster.
Cornerback Ron Brown of the Raiders has been accused of using his Anaheim used-car business to defraud a troubled savings and loan out of nearly $283,000. Legal documents filed in Orange County Superior Court show that San Diego-based Imperial Savings Assn., for whom Brown sells used cars on consignment, claimed that Brown refused to surrender or pay for 29 cars given on consignment by the institution.
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