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Ron Howard

June 23, 1991
The sentence about Ron Howard's high school days--"At Burroughs, he didn't drink or do drugs, but he wasn't a total nerd either"--bothers us. Doesn't it imply that if someone doesn't do drugs or drink, he is a nerd? We are 7th-grade students who do not feel that you have to do drugs or drink in order to be popular, even though sometimes it feels like it. We believe doing drugs or drinking is not cool and can hurt you. CORE CLASS TEACHER, DONNA JUDD LADERA VISTA JUNIOR HIGH Fullerton
January 25, 2014 | By Noel Murray
Rush Universal, $29.98; Blu-ray, $34.98 Available on VOD beginning Jan. 28 Director Ron Howard and screenwriter Peter Morgan tell the story of 1970s Formula 1 racing stars James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) in "Rush," a true-sports adventure that starts out as a "the olden days were groovy" corn-fest, then takes a turn for the better. The second half of the film concerns itself mostly with the incredibly tight points-battle between Hunt and Lauda throughout the 1976 season, and those racing sequences - some of which were shot with a subjective camera, in bad weather conditions - are white-knuckle.
July 3, 2012 | By Ron Howard, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Early in the second season of "The Andy Griffith Show," I ventured a suggestion for a line change to make it sound more "like the way a kid would say it. " I was just 7 years old. But my idea was accepted and I remember standing frozen, thrilled at what this moment represented to me. Andy asked me, "What you grinnin' at, youngin'?" I said it was the first idea of mine they'd ever said yes to. Without a pause, Andy responded for all to hear: "It was the first idea that was any damn good.
December 30, 2013 | By Steven Zeitchik
It grossed just $2.2 million at the U.S. box office, but "The East," the eco-thriller directed by Zal Batmanglij and starring Alexander Skarsgård and Brit Marling, topped The Times' fourth-annual poll for most underappreciated movie of the year, beating out Ron Howard's "Rush," which garnered the second-most votes. Coming into this weekend, "Rush" was easily in first place. But a push for votes from Skarsgård fan sites such as this one launched "The East" into the top spot.
October 31, 2002 | Lee Margulies
Seven months after winning the Oscar for directing "A Beautiful Mind," Ron Howard finally has another movie to make. He had planned to remake "The Alamo," then dropped out of the project. Now he's set to direct what his company, Imagine Entertainment, describes as a suspense story set in the Old West, based on the novel "The Last Ride" by Thomas Edison. Filming is scheduled to begin in March. -- Lee Margulies
January 23, 2013 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Director-producer (and "Happy Days" and "Andy Griffith Show" star) Ron Howard, sportscaster Al Michaels, CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves, CBS newsman Bob Schieffer and "Law & Order" mogul Dick Wolf will be inducted this year into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame. They will be joined in the Hall of Fame's 22nd class of inductees by someone who's indirectly responsible for all of their careers: Philo T. Farnsworth, an inventor responsible for the first all-electronic TV transmission in 1927.
December 29, 1989
Director-producer Ron Howard has been named the recipient of the American Cinematheque Award for making an ongoing contribution to the film industry. Howard, the director of "Splash," "Cocoon" and "Parenthood," will be honored March 23 at the organization's Moving Picture Ball in the Century Plaza Hotel. Since 1986, the evening has been attended by hundreds of Hollywood's insiders to raise funds for American Cinematheque and honor an active entertainment figure.
September 9, 2013 | By Glenn Whipp
TORONTO -- Ron Howard and Jay Z aren't names you'd expect to find in the same sentence, much less people you'd figure would one day work together. But 10 days before the hip-hop artist's two-day Made in America music festival in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend last year, Howard's longtime Imagine Entertainment partner, Brian Grazer, approached him, asking Howard if he'd be interested in making a documentary of the event. "I was very open that A) I've never made a documentary and B)
February 28, 1990 | From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports
Actor-director Ron Howard joined his neighbors fighting the installation of a microwave radio tower on the grounds of a closed school. Howard, 36, known for his roles on television's "Happy Days" and "The Andy Griffith Show," said microwave transmissions from the 180-foot tower at the Parkway School could harm children if the school ever reopened. "A couple of physicians I talked to said, 'You better be careful,' " Howard said at a town meeting Monday night.
March 3, 1996 | Associated Press
Ron Howard was named best feature director by the Directors Guild of America for the film "Apollo 13" at simultaneous award dinners held Saturday night in Los Angeles and New York. In recent years the DGA awards have been accurate predictors of the best directing Academy Award. But Howard was not nominated for an Oscar for "Apollo 13," which retells the harrowing story of the astronauts who were trapped in a dying spacecraft. "I didn't expect this at all.
December 26, 2013 | By Steven Zeitchik
The past few months have been hailed as some of the strongest in modern cinema. But even in a year that saw landmark achievements duly recognized, there were films that didn't seem to get their share of respect. With that in mind, we ask, in our fourth-annual "most underappreciated movie" poll, to choose the film that deserved dollars and accolades but couldn't seem to manage enough of either. (Past poll winners, to give you an indication, were “Bernie” in 2012, “The Debt" in 2011 and “Let Me In” in 2010.)
December 12, 2013 | By Peter Morgan
I should declare I have never been a fan of motor racing. I don't watch Formula One, the intricacies of engine refinement and lap times leave me cold, I don't even drive fast. So how come "Rush" ended up being an unusually personal screenplay to me? The answer is that the two racers at the heart of the story, James Hunt and Niki Lauda, represent in some way two halves of me. I was born the son of immigrant Germans and was brought up in the UK, teased as "a Kraut. " Jump forward 20 years, and I married an Austrian and live in Vienna, where now I am known as "a Brit.
November 16, 2013 | By Susan King
The landscape of "Nebraska" is populated with such well-known actors as Bruce Dern and Stacy Keach as well as retired farmers making their debuts who live in the town of Plainview, Neb., where most of the film was shot. "I did see a lot of people for every part," said Payne. "I pay myself few compliments as a filmmaker, but I think [casting director] John Jackson and I cast well. " Though he doesn't have much dialogue, Rance Howard stands out as Woody's (Dern) older brother Ray, a taciturn couch potato.
September 27, 2013 | By Mark Olsen
News broke Thursday that actress Bryce Dallas Howard is in talks to join the cast of the much-anticipated sequel "Jurassic World," the fourth in the franchise that kicked off with Steven Spielberg's 1993 film "Jurassic Park. " There are few specifics on the movie's plot line, but the creatures of the earlier films seem to now inhabit their own world. The film is being directed by Colin Trevorrow, following up his Sundance sci-fi rom-com "Safety Not Guaranteed. " Trevorrow is co-writing the film with his "Safety" collaborator, Derek Connolly.
September 26, 2013 | By Amy Kaufman
This weekend's box office forecast is anything but murky: "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" is set to become a clear No. 1 hit.  The 3-D animated film will likely debut with around $45 million in ticket sales, according to those who have seen pre-release audience surveys. That would be a robust start for the sequel, whose predecessor launched with $30.3 million in 2009. (Sony Pictures, which is distributing the film, is predicting a softer opening of around $33 million.)  Three other new films are also hitting theaters nationwide this weekend, though none will gross nearly as much as the second "Cloudy.
September 19, 2013 | By Steven Zeitchik
TORONTO - It was 37 years ago, but Niki Lauda recalls his brush with death as if it happened this morning. The Austrian Formula One driver had been in a ferocious nip-and-tuck battle for most of the season with his British rival James Hunt when he crashed on a rain-slicked track at the German Grand Prix. Lauda, then 27, was trapped in his burning car for nearly a minute before he was pulled out by other drivers who stopped to help. The skin on his face was so badly burned that, at the hospital, a priest was called to administer last rites.
It was, appropriately enough, a family affair for "Parenthood" director Ron Howard, honored Friday night at the annual Moving Picture Ball. Not only were his parents on hand to pay tribute to the still-boyish Howard (a father of four), but his television mother and father--"Happy Days" stars Tom Bosley and Marion Ross--were there to praise Howard as well. "You did such a good job with him," Ross called across the room to Howard's real-life mom, Jean.
May 3, 2009 | Glenn Whipp
Aside from its sleuthing scholar and a continuing penchant for bizarre religious conspiracy theories, there wasn't much carry-over for director Ron Howard between "The Da Vinci Code" and adapting Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons."
September 16, 2013 | By Glenn Whipp
"What's the deal with all these movies ," one academy member asked me over the weekend. "All of a sudden, there are just so many of them, and they're all supposed to be really, really good. " You could almost forgive his astonishment, awakening as he was from a summer when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences screened the likes of "The Smurfs 2" and "Lovelace" for members at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. There was a decided uptick in quality this weekend at the Goldwyn with a one-two punch of "Rush" and "Prisoners," fine films that seemed to impress academy members as much as they did festival crowds when they played in Toronto last week.
September 9, 2013 | By Susan King
Sacha Baron Cohen ("Borat," "The Dictator") is this year's recipient of the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for excellence in comedy. The actor-writer-producer will receive the honor Nov. 9 at the 2013 BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The following evening, BBC America will show the ceremony. The Chaplin award is given to someone whose popularity and cultural impact "exemplifies the uniquely transcendent quality of excellent comedy. " SNEAKS: Movie trailers, full coverage "Sacha's bravery and comic ingenuity is richly deserving of an honor that bears the name of Charlie Chaplin," BAFTA Los Angeles' chairman, Gary Dartnell, said in a statement Monday morning.
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