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October 4, 1990 | THIA BELL
Two businesses have obtained waivers of Ojai's strict ban on rooftop antennas that caused a nationwide furor in the satellite dish industry four years ago. The city's Planning Commission approved a rooftop dish antenna for Pacific Bell at 202 W. Ojai Ave.
September 19, 1991
In a preliminary vote, the City Council has approved a measure that would outlaw rooftop business signs. Community Development Director Robert Dawson said he has never seen a request for a rooftop sign since he began employment with the city in 1987, and added that there are only a few businesses that have such signs. But, he said, there is no law preventing them. If the measure, passed 4 to 0 Tuesday, receives final council approval at the Oct.
December 30, 1987 | SHIRLEY MARLOW
--The famed Paris Opera House is a beehive of activity in more ways than one. While mezzo-sopranos and tenors sing inside, more than 10,000 worker bees create gallons of honey on the roof. Jean Pocton, the Opera's beekeeper and manager of its employee cafeteria, has raised bees above the heads of opera lovers for six years. The urban bees, which have to contend with polluted air and hungry Parisian pigeons, seem to do as well or better than the bees Pocton keeps in the country.
July 6, 1987
The scam, police said, was simple: Posing as building inspectors, the three men went from house to house in South-Central Los Angeles, explaining that city regulations require homeowners to paint their addresses on the roof. That, they would explain, is to help police helicopter patrols. And, for $100, the men would do the job. For an optional $200, they would add large arrows pointing to the home's entrances. Los Angeles police do not know how many people fell for the scheme.
The mystery surrounding the fatal police shooting of a young mother on a rooftop helipad at St. Vincent Medical Center deepened Friday as Los Angeles police characterized her as a threat to officers and her 3-year-old son, while her grieving and baffled family said she was anything but. Sonji Taylor, 27, was killed in a fusillade of bullets after police were called to the roof of the Professional Office Building on the St. Vincent campus Thursday night.
December 4, 1991 | PATRICK McCARTNEY
A Port Hueneme man, who briefly eluded police during a foot chase Tuesday afternoon, was arrested on the roof of a downtown cafe after he refused to come down, police said. Dennis Babula, 41, was wanted for questioning for a possible parole violation when he was spotted in the 200 block of East B Street, police said. Babula fled, escaping through the back yards of several residences, they said.
August 18, 1988
Against the recommendation of Councilman John Heilman, the City Council has agreed to allow the Sports Connection, 8612 Santa Monica Blvd., to scrap plans for a rooftop track and recreational area in favor of additional parking spaces. Heilman, appealing Planning Commission approval of 38 additional spaces, argued Monday that the developers of the health club were attempting to renege on a promise to install a running track and other facilities on the roof.
May 8, 1991 | LEAH OLLMAN
In Tibetan Buddhism, mandalas--circular depictions of the cosmos and the palaces of particular deities--are created during ritual acts of initiation. For the current show at the Mingei International Museum of World Folk Art, a mandala 6 feet in diameter has been made of colored sand by visiting Tibetan monks, and its function, too, is linked to the process of initiation.
February 24, 1994 | JULIE FIELDS
A Navy diver was taken into custody Wednesday morning after he climbed onto a garage roof in an upscale Oxnard neighborhood and began hurling clay tiles at passing cars, authorities said. Residents of a condo complex in the Mandalay Bay area called police to report a disturbance about 8:15 a.m.
April 23, 1988 | CHARLES ROBINSON, Shirley and Charles Robinson grow a garden of flowers, fruits and vegetables on a Hollywood garage rooftop, which received a Special Merit Award from the National Gardening Assn
My wife grows all the vegetables we need, plus fruit trees and berries, on an apartment building's garage rooftop in the middle of Hollywood. It is no small garden, measuring 50x100 feet, but everything grows in containers, more than a hundred of them in all shapes and sizes. One of Shirley's favorites is something not often grown in a container.
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