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Rose Bowl

January 1, 2013 | Bill Plaschke
Thousands of voices counted down the final seconds. When is the last time you've heard modern sports fans, in unison, actually counting down the final seconds? "10…9…8... " chanted the band member in a purple wig, the sweatered man waving a frayed pompom, the elderly woman grinding her high heel into the sidelines as she wept. On the first day of 2013, the Rose Bowl gloriously sounded like 1972, its championship being celebrated by a team from a different era with followers from a different world.
January 1, 2013 | Bill Dwyre
The Wisconsin Badgers slinked out of Pasadena again Tuesday, defeated for the third straight year in the Rose Bowl. The good news was, by now, they certainly know the backroads out of town. There was distinction in their 20-14 loss, but not the sort for which they will be regaling their grandchilden. This was the 99th Rose Bowl. No other team has ever left town with a worse record than Wisconsin's 8-6. You need to go back to the leather helmet days to even get close. Brown lost the 1916 game and departed 5-4-1; Penn State the 1923 game and headed east at 6-4-1.
December 31, 2009 | Chris Erskine
Our hair smells of lemon zest. Our mayor looks like Bert Convy. Welcome to Los Angeles, the big shopping mall by the sea. No refunds. No exchanges. If you happen to be in town for some football, you're in luck. On Friday, we'll all squeeze -- kinda cozy like -- into the big stadium for a game pitting some flu-colored team from the Great Northwest against a bunch of hicks from the heartland. Don't get me wrong, we love you yokels. Full of heart, the heartland. To me, the only way you could make the heartland more appealing would be to wrap it in bacon, which you could, of course, and still have plenty left over for a nice pork pie the next day -- yum. So, welcome, welcome, welcome . . . pull up a starlet, make yourselves at home.
January 20, 1991
Fencing and lighting around the Rose Bowl will be improved with money approved last week by the Board of Directors. Directors approved transferring $100,000 from the city's Golf Course Fund to begin the project. The board also transferred a $42,000 contract to assess the feasibility of an $8.3-million Rose Bowl press box improvement plan. The consulting contract was moved from Laventhol & Horwath, which recently declared bankruptcy, to Price Waterhouse.
December 25, 1999 | HELENE ELLIOTT
The Wisconsin Badgers, led by Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne, are scheduled to arrive in Southern California tonight to begin preparation for the Rose Bowl. Starting Sunday, they will practice at the Coliseum before taking part in the usual whirlwind of bowl-related events. The Badgers will participate in the Beef Bowl at Lawry's on Sunday, visit Disneyland on Monday and go to the City of Hope in Duarte Tuesday.
June 13, 1996 | GRAHAME L. JONES
More than 55,000 tickets have been sold for Sunday's soccer doubleheader at the Rose Bowl and a sellout of more than 90,000 is expected, organizers said Wednesday. The U.S. plays Mexico at 12:30 p.m. for the U.S. Cup '96 tournament title. At 3:30 p.m., the Los Angeles Galaxy plays the Tampa Bay Mutiny in a Major League Soccer match.
March 18, 2003 | Sam Farmer
The viability of the Rose Bowl will be a discussion topic at the NFL owners meetings next week in Phoenix, but there will be no formal presentation touting the stadium as a pro football solution. There was a possibility that a Rose Bowl contingent, led by investment banker John Moag, would deliver an encore presentation to all 32 owners. Moag and his associates addressed a smaller group of owners, including the so-called Los Angeles task force, at a meeting two weeks ago in Palm Beach, Fla.
December 28, 2013 | By Sam Farmer
The Rose Bowl game is 100 years old, but the stadium - - or at least part of it - - is new. The city of Pasadena has invested more than $140 million to modernize the iconic Rose Bowl stadium. During the last two years, the stadium has been upgraded with a new video board, restorations to the south and east scoreboards, 10 LED panels and clocks, new aisles and handrails, expanded tunnels, improved bathrooms and a new broadcast building. The electrical and plumbing systems have also been upgraded, as have the locker rooms.
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