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Roy Disney

May 26, 1989
Raymond Arnold Disney, elder brother of Walt and Roy Disney, died Wednesday in Century City. He was 98 and was not active in the Disney entertainment empire. A sister, Ruth Beecher, and nieces and nephews survive.
June 29, 1989 | AL DELUGACH, Times Staff Writer
Former Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Ronald W. Miller had trouble during testimony Wednesday recalling some of the company's defensive moves--including a proposed buyout of Roy E. Disney's holdings--during a takeover struggle in 1984. Miller, son-in-law of the late Walt Disney, is a defendant in stockholder lawsuits against the company, 10 other directors at the time and corporate raider Saul P. Steinberg. The shareholders contend that the defendants breached their fiduciary duty when the company bought Steinberg's 11% stake in the film and theme parks company at an above-market price to ward off a takeover threat.
April 9, 2004 | James Bates, Times Staff Writer
Former Walt Disney Co. director Roy E. Disney sued the company Thursday to release information that would show how shares held by employees were voted in a recent referendum on Chief Executive Michael Eisner. Representatives of Roy Disney and another former director, Stanley P. Gold, led a protest vote last month at the company's annual meeting at which 43% of the shares cast were withheld for Eisner's reelection as a director.
December 7, 2003
In response to "Roy Disney Quits, Urges Eisner to Resign for Good of Company" (Dec. 1): Since his rise to power, Michael Eisner has done all he could for profit -- his own and management's -- and nothing to keep the Disney legacy shining. Roy Disney must be greatly saddened to see how tawdry and cheapened the great name has become. "Rapacious" is the right word, Mr. Disney. Use it everywhere you see this kind of shortsighted, morally bankrupt policy in place. Stockholders, it's time to take stock of your (our)
February 19, 2004 | Richard Verrier and Claudia Eller, Times Staff Writers
As Hollywood's most celebrated night draws near, a small Oscar-nominated animated film is assuming big symbolism in the feud between Walt Disney Co. Chairman Michael Eisner and former board member Roy E. Disney. The seven-minute-long "Destino," a collaboration between painter Salvador Dali and company founder Walt Disney, languished for decades until Roy Disney made its completion a top priority.
June 15, 2005 | From Bloomberg News
A lawsuit filed by former Walt Disney Co. director Roy E. Disney that seeks to void the company's last board election will go to trial Aug. 10, airing claims that investors were misled about the search for a successor to Chief Executive Michael Eisner. Delaware Chief Chancery Court Judge William Chandler III will preside without a jury. Roy Disney and another former director, Stanley P.
March 1, 2004 | Scott Timberg, Times Staff Writer
This was supposed to be the year the big studios took back the animated short for the first time in decades: The academy's nominees list was unusual for recognizing shorts from the three major animation studios -- Disney ("Destino"), Pixar ("Boundin' ") and the Fox-owned boutique Blue Sky ("Gone Nutty").
June 2, 2004 | From Associated Press
Former Walt Disney Co. board members Stanley P. Gold and Roy E. Disney have been ordered to give new depositions in a shareholder lawsuit against the company over the brief tenure of former company President Michael Ovitz. A Delaware judge gave the law firm representing shareholders in the suit permission to take new depositions from the two because of perceived inconsistencies between their testimony before they resigned and their subsquent criticism of the Disney board.
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