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June 4, 1998
Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg is either on vacation or has been abducted by space aliens. The column is supposed to return on Wednesday.
December 16, 2007 | Roy Rivenburg, Roy Rivenburg teaches journalism at Cal State Fullerton.
Card blanche The Dick Cheney greeting card comes with a set of custom stickers bearing such messages as "Happy Birthday," "[Expletive] off" and "A pretzel away from the presidency." Other card-and-sticker kits feature such luminaries as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush ($3.50 each at, or Al Gore, John McCain, Eleanor Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln ($3.95 at www.philosophersguild .com).
September 22, 1999
Back to the Future: As part of our ceaseless effort to bring you tomorrow's news today, we recently sent our time-traveling journalist several weeks into the future aboard Caltech's new sport-utility time machine (the one that didn't roll over at warp speeds on Consumer Reports' test track). He filed this story: "Reacting to growing public support for stiff new gun-control laws, Republican presidential candidates are slowly abandoning their defense of the 2nd Amendment. "For example, George W.
March 20, 2004
Re "Divided Over Gay Marriage," by Roy Rivenburg, March 12: If the issue is child welfare, then the proper question is whether the children of gay couples are harmed if their parents can marry. Rivenburg offers no reason to believe that they are. On the contrary, preventing gay couples from marrying penalizes their children, since it withholds the many benefits of marriage that facilitate the creation and maintenance of a financially and emotionally stable environment for children. If child welfare is the criterion, then gay marriage should be permitted.
December 25, 1998
Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg is stuck in a chimney today. The column returns Monday.
June 9, 1998
Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg says he is "tanned, rested and ready" after a weeklong vacation. His column returns Wednesday.
June 8, 1998
Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg is still on vacation, recovering from an ominously numbered birthday last week. The column returns Wednesday.
December 13, 1999 | ROY RIVENBURG
Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg is taking the day off to research a special investigative report on who's been naughty and nice. The column returns Wednesday.
May 12, 1998
Off-Kilter is taking the day off so writer Roy Rivenburg can slog through the pile of entries in the Mach3 razor contest and pick a winner.
Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg claims he has fallen victim to the "Year 1999 bug" and will return Monday. We shall adjust his paycheck accordingly.
February 25, 2002
On that depressing day that some choose to call Valentine's Day, I greatly enjoyed reading "The Quest for Fire" by Roy Rivenburg (Feb. 14). As the single mother of two, my Valentine plans included: Stationing myself at my front door to await the onslaught of floral and candy deliveries from "your secret admirer" and "your crazy lover Phil who is currently surrounded by nice men in their clean, white coats." Going to a posh candy store and looking pathetic until some kind man asks me out. Going to a florist shop and weeping until the owners fill my arms with flowers and beg me to leave because I am making the other customers uncomfortable.
May 25, 2000
Re: "Misbehavin' Moms" (May 12), what a travesty! The whole article was slimy and pornographic, 180 degrees from the "witty satire" Roy Rivenburg and his deluded editor apparently thought they had created. But worst of all (indeed, sacrilegious) was including biblical women of faith such as Rebecca and Jochebed, and an equally honored woman of faith today--Tipper Gore. Thousands of teenagers and their parents owe our vice president's wife a debt for her remarkable courage in standing up to an X-rated music industry.
February 21, 2000 | ROY RIVENBURG
If George Washington were running for president today, would his opponents broadcast negative attack ads about "the cherry-tree incident"? Or would they instead focus on the fact that anyone who is still alive at age 268 must be a vampire? Off-Kilter columnist Roy Rivenburg is taking the day off to investigate. The column returns Wednesday.
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