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November 14, 1987 | Associated Press
Mobay Corp., a subsidiary of Bayer USA Inc., said it has agreed to acquire Denka Chemical Corp. of Houston for an undisclosed sum. Denka, which has sales of nearly $100 million and employs about 400 workers, has plants in Houston; Duluth, Minn.; Carteret, N.J., and Little Ferry, N.J.
September 30, 1997 | KARIMA A. HAYNES, Special to the Times
On a parched field near Hansen Dam, about a dozen men gather under a blazing sun to play a ritual ball game handed down to them by their ancient Aztec forefathers. It is pelota Mixteca. This match pits the San Fernando home team against a team from Santa Barbara. Team members tape their hands and put on guantes, oversize mitts made of thick leather with hundreds of nails driven into them.
September 27, 2005
Soon after I read the Field Guide about the rubber boa [Sept. 6], I ran into one. My buddy John Balbino and I were hiking back from Garnett Lake when John decided to stop to fly-fish. A brown snake swam across the river toward us and then slowly made its way up a branch to sun itself. I took pictures and showed them to the local rangers, who didn't know rubber boas were there. FRANK GALLEGOS Boyle Heights
February 6, 1987 | Associated Press
A snake is a goner the minute a Louisiana driver spots it trying to slither across a highway, says a biology professor who studied "intentional kill behavior" using a rubber snake and a fake turtle. David Shepherd and his students at Southeastern Louisiana University observed 22,000 incidents involving motorists and the imitation reptiles over three years. In a paper prepared for delivery today to the Louisiana Academy of Science, Shepherd documents his findings.
March 10, 1988 | Reuters
A state-run Indian rubber company has won an order to export 75 million condoms to the United States and Canada, a Health Ministry official told Parliament today. The value of the contract won by Hindustan Latex Limited was not yet known.
January 28, 1988
California Avenue between Huntington Drive and Duarte Road will be closed to through traffic until Feb. 3 while pavement between the Santa Fe Railway tracks is replaced with rubber. The city will pay $60,000 for the work, which will be done by the railroad.
January 26, 2013 | By Judi Dash
The new Every1 Series cellphone case from Ballistic got nearly everything right on ruggedness without making the case a bulky brick. A kickstand built into the base works in portrait and landscape modes. Rest the phone, face up, in the rubber-reinforced base, which has cutouts for the rear camera and speaker holes, and flip open rubber port covers for the mute switch and headphone and charging ports. Responsive rubber casings shield the volume controls and on/off button. The front cover then snaps on, snugly but easily.
May 20, 1991 | From Reuters
Japanese speculators, frustrated with lack of price activity in gold, are shifting to more volatile but less glamorous commodities--red beans and rubber. Their interest in red beans has been aroused by an unexpected recent snowfall and prospects of a cold summer in northern Japan. That has raised the possibility of a poor bean harvest. Low rubber prices may be ripe for a rally, according to speculators.
January 29, 1988
The best thing that ever happened to public education was Papadakis. They couldn't buy her, break her and they sure couldn't beat her because she was right about the bilingual program, so they railroaded her off the board. Truth, justice, dedication, intelligence count for nothing in Sacramento. Only rubber-stamps are retained. Is it any wonder California is at the bottom scholastically? I am mad as hell and I'm not the only one. Students, parents, the entire community are mad. We were all sold down the river when Assembly Speaker Willie Brown and his rubber-stamps pulled the seat out from under Papadakis.
September 8, 1985
In one of your June issues you ran a letter from Frances Segerblom warning of Paris pickpockets who hold up a sign or newspaper to distract you while others pick your pockets or grab your purse. As we were soon leaving for Europe, I clipped the letter and took it along to remind me. Thank you, Frances, and thank you, L.A. Times; the Gypsies are busy in Rome also, with the same routine. Of the 12 people in our party, we had four approaches. Here's an additonal tip to help you keep your wallet: Put a wide rubber band around it before putting it into your pocket.
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