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April 3, 1994
During the week following the quake, a daffodil bloomed amid the rubble in my yard. It became a symbol for me--that we can grow and bloom in spite of the ruins. MARTHA KELLY Northridge
May 1, 2011 | Nicole Sperling
As both an actress and a screenwriter, Nia Vardalos finds it's not uncommon for her two sides to be at odds with her instincts. Take her latest work on the Tom Hanks starrer "Larry Crowne. " Vardalos co-wrote the script, about a 50-year-old man who loses his job and has to reinvent himself, with Hanks. In one of the many drafts the two powered through together, Vardalos depicted Crowne as a man with a family. "Of course, my secret plan was that I'd play the sister," says Vardalos, 48, sipping a cappuccino in the lounge at the L'Ermitage Beverly Hills.
July 8, 2007 | Tracy Wilkinson, Times Staff Writer
The world's most wondrous wonder is actually the computer. Millions of people from across the globe joined in what was essentially a huge publicity stunt, voting via the Internet to choose a new list of the Seven Wonders of the World, announced Saturday.
October 6, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Five state police officers were arrested in connection with the deaths of four villagers during a raid on protesters who had seized the entrance of a Maya archaeological site. The five officers led an operation Friday to remove hundreds of mostly indigenous villagers who had occupied the entrance of the Chinkultic ruins in southern Mexico for nearly a month, the Chiapas Justice Department said. The officers were being investigated on possible homicide charges. The villagers, most of them from the Maya Tzeltal and Tzotzil cultures, had been protesting excessive entrance fees and the failure to reinvest that revenue into the area's infrastructure and environment.
April 11, 2011
THE BEST WAY TO PICACHO PEAK, ARIZ. From LAX , Southwest, United and American offer nonstop service to Tucson, and US Airways, Delta, United and Southwest offer connecting service (change of plane). Restricted round-trip fares begin at $254. BATTLE SITES Picacho Peak State Park , 15520 Picacho Peak Road, Picacho, Ariz.; (520) 466-3183. Regular admission to the park is $7 a car, $10 during the reenactment. Hiking and camping. Next year's reenactment is scheduled for March 10 and 11. Ft. Bowie National Historic Site, 3203 S. Old Fort Bowie Road Bowie, Ariz.; (520)
January 14, 1990
Regarding the Jan. 7 letter of Todd (I've Been Married for Six Months) Bisson: Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd . . . people with six months of marriage under their belts, so to speak, should never, never, never mention it when they are trying to sound like an expert on marital relationships. It ruins your credibility. MARY AMBRIZ, (17 years of marriage and still no expert), Redlands
July 24, 2011
THE BEST WAY TO MACHU PICCHU, PERU From LAX, connecting service (change of plane) to Cuzco is offered on LAN Air. Restricted round-trip fares begin at $719, excluding fees and taxes. To cover the roughly 70 miles between Cuzco and the ruins, most travelers take a taxi or bus to Ollantaytambo, then a train to Aguas Calientes, at the foot of Machu Picchu. Train fares are about $50-$70 each way for PeruRail's Vistadome service, depending on time of departure. Most travelers then take the 20-minute bus ride ($8 each way or $15.50 round-trip)
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