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Russell Steinberg

February 5, 2013 | By Deborah Vankin
The Los Angeles Youth Orchestra has played all over the city, UCLA's Schoenberg Hall and the Skirball Cultural Center included. But it hasn't ventured outside of L.A. Now the orchestra will finally hit the road -- and it's headed straight to Carnegie Hall . “Why settle?” says Artistic Director Russell Steinberg. More than 75 students, ages 8 to 18, will travel to New York for a Feb. 25 concert. The evening is in honor of their late program director and viola coach Eve Cohen, who passed away from cancer last October.
July 22, 2004 | Leslie Gornstein, Special to The Times
A leisure suit clinging to his generous behind, pinkie rings gleaming, Johnny Fayva, the self-described champion of the old-school variety show, just wants to do it for the kids. Every few weeks, the swingingly single Fayva co-produces and hosts a comedy-musical revue that combines Borscht Belt camp with modern twists.
February 23, 2007 | F. Kathleen Foley, David C. Nichols, Charlotte Stoudt, Daryl H. Miller
Far better it is to approach Shakespeare straightforwardly than to tack on a production conceit that just doesn't pay off. No adaptor is credited for the briskly truncated "Romeo & Juliet," now at the Art/Works Theatre in Hollywood. Those responsible deserve praise for an efficiently abbreviated treatment that moves at a smart pace until the tragic denouement. But why the perpetrators opted to make the Capulets arch-conservatives and the Montagues blue-state liberals is a mystery.
April 29, 2007 | Steffie Nelson, Steffie Nelson has written for Variety and the New York Times
You could smell the onions from the driveway. Audrey Bernstein, standing in the kitchen of her cozy 1920s house in Silver Lake, was preparing for a French-themed soiree, and the menu included onion tarts, French onion soup and brioche pockets stuffed with asparagus, goat cheese and more onions. There was a lot of chopping to be done, and no time to cry.
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