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Ruth Parasol

November 30, 2005
Re "Billionaire Plays Her Cards Right in Online 'Gray Market,' " Nov. 27 Maybe the phone sex, Web porn and online poker businesses that made Ruth Parasol wealthy are legal, but that doesn't make them right. The fact that Parasol became a billionaire as a result of her immoral businesses will no doubt invite imitators hoping to also become wealthy by starting similar businesses. Why does The Times need to waste precious print space profiling immoral activity in a positive light?
September 13, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden's son Hunter has stopped working as a federal lobbyist, work that had made him a Republican target in the presidential contest. "I no longer expect to act as a federal lobbyist," Hunter Biden said in a letter to the clerk of the House and the Senate Office of Public Records. The letter is dated Aug. 25 and was made public Friday. Barack Obama, who chose Biden as his running mate last month, has been a vocal critic of rival John McCain's ties to lobbyists.
November 27, 2005 | Joseph Menn, Times Staff Writer
Ruth Parasol has made a fortune selling vice to the masses. Through phone sex, then Web porn and most recently online poker, the 38-year-old lawyer has leveraged a succession of new technologies to become a self-made billionaire whose net worth rivals those of Internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban and Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn. Like Cuban, Parasol was quick to recognize the Internet's power to transform daily life.
March 10, 2006 | From the Associated Press
As emerging stock markets surged during the last year, a charmed coterie of wealthy people around the world won a much-coveted title along with their stellar gains -- they all became billionaires. But tepid returns in the United States ate into the fortunes of some of the richest Americans, including the founding family of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The number of billionaires around the world rose by 102 to a record 793 over the last year, and their combined wealth grew 18% to $2.
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