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Ruud Lubbers

March 12, 1989 | From the Washington Post
Representatives of 24 nations, gathered here at an environmental conference, called Saturday for increased authority in the United Nations to police the global atmosphere and for "appropriate measures" to enforce its directives. The appeal by leaders of 15 nations and ranking envoys from nine others marked the broadest and highest-level expression to date of political determination to take swift steps to organize worldwide protection of the Earth's threatened atmosphere, the officials declared.
May 3, 1989 | From Times wire services
A man with a knife jumped into Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers' car as he drove from the Royal Palace in The Hague today after offering his resignation to Queen Beatrix, a police spokesman said. He said a palace guard seized the middle-aged man immediately after he opened an unlocked door and jumped into the car's rear seat beside Lubbers as it pulled away. "The man had a knife in his pocket but he didn't threaten Lubbers with it," the spokesman said. He said that the man was mentally unstable but that his motives were not yet known.
May 8, 1987 | From Reuters
A firebomb was thrown through a window of the home of Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers on Wednesday night, but Lubbers tossed it back into the street, police said Thursday. The bomb landed in a room where Lubbers and his wife were sitting. He managed to douse the flames and throw the bomb outside, a police spokesman said. Curtains, carpet and furniture were damaged, but neither Lubbers nor his wife was injured and the fire department was not called.
February 22, 1998 | From Associated Press
The Club of Rome, which sponsored the major 1972 study "The Limits to Growth," had been founded four years earlier in the Italian capital. Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei, who held top positions with both the Fiat and Olivetti corporations, played a major role in organizing the society, which committed itself "to adopt a global perspective in examining issues and situations . . . beyond the capacity of individual countries to solve."
July 4, 1985 | United Press International
A decision on the future of this Netherlands Antilles island's Shell Oil refinery may rest on a proposal that will be on the table when Venezuelan and Dutch leaders meet in July, officials said Wednesday. A refinery spokesman said that the Dutch government has proposed a crude oil agreement to ensure the survival of the facility and that it will be discussed when Venezuelan President Jaime Lusinchi and Holland's Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers meet in Caracas on July 15-17.
September 8, 1991 | Times Wire Services
Participants at the conference on Yugoslavia in The Hague are: * Chairman: Former British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington.
January 12, 1994
The summit closed with President Clinton and his NATO allies warning Serbian forces of a new determination to launch air strikes if needed to relieve embattled Muslim enclaves in Bosnia. In their final statement, NATO leaders endorsed the U.S. proposal for a "Partnership for Peace," which invites East Europeans to take part in military exercises and other activities. It also opens the possibility of NATO membership.
October 13, 1986 | Associated Press
Dutch Premier Ruud Lubbers and his wife pursued a pair of suspected burglars by car and on foot in helping police to apprehend them, police said today. The episode began Sunday afternoon when Ria Lubbers, the premier's wife, saw two men smashing a window of her car, which was parked outside the couple's home in a residential area in this port city. After calling to her husband, Ria Lubbers ran outside, followed by the premier.
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