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Lonnie Miramontes, a 38-year-old father of four, has just become a grandfather. Last week, before his daughter's baby was born, he admitted to feeling nervous, as if he were becoming a father all over again. "You always worry about what might happen," he said. Miramontes and his wife were both 17 when their first child, Joseph, was born. Miramontes' mother was also 17 when he came into the world. And his grandmother was 16 when she gave birth to his mother.
October 26, 1997 | Sandra Cisneros, Sandra Cisneros, a novelist and poet, is the author of "The House on Mango Street" and "Loose Woman."
'Mi'ja, it's me. Call me when you wake up." It was a message left on my phone machine from a friend. But when I heard that word "mi'ja," a pain squeezed my heart. My father was the only one who ever called me this. Because his death is so recent, the word overwhelmed me and filled me with grief. With my father's death, the thread that links me to my other self, to my other language, was severed.
July 20, 1995
Thomas M. Crail, executive director of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, died Saturday of complications of AIDS. He was 41. Before he took the job with the chamber, the Charleston, Ill., native was a nationally recognized dancer. During his 20-year career, Crail performed with and managed some of the nation's top dance companies, including the San Francisco Ballet and the Joffrey II Dancers.. Crail became executive director of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1988..
With the warm, joyous "Gadjo Dilo," Algerian-born French filmmaker-composer Tony Gatlif completes his beguiling Gypsy triptych.
July 26, 2000 | SUE FOX
A 30-year-old man died and his passenger was critically injured Tuesday in an apparent street race when their car skidded off a winding mountain road. Two vehicles were racing down Tuna Canyon Road about 6 p.m., when one of the cars plunged over the side and down a 50-foot embankment near Sabina Drive, said California Highway Patrol Officer Richard Perez. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene, said Dan Opbroek, a dispatch supervisor for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
July 8, 1990
When I was in grade school during the 1940s, and at the urging of the Fire Department, I was able to persuade my parents to sign pledges that they would never again smoke in bed or throw lighted cigarettes out car windows. Twenty-five years later, after proper indoctrination by television and school authorities, my son was able to persuade his father and me to give up our smoking habits. Frankly, it never occurred to my parents or to us to question the truth of these childish edicts.
August 23, 2007
The penultimate concert in the KCRW World Festival series at the Hollywood Bowl spotlights some notable female performers, topped by headlining R&B innovator Macy Gray. The idiosyncratic singer, whose latest album features production from the Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.
February 19, 1989
In reference to your article, "Taxpayers Pay Up When Whittier Council Eats Out," (Times, Jan. 29), my understanding of the use of tax monies is that they should be used for growth and development of the city and the health and welfare of the community in general, not the fat bellies of the politicians. I wholeheartedly agree with former (Councilwoman) Sabina Schwab that the taxpayers should not pay for council meals, and offer the following suggestion to get the taxpayers off the hook: If City Manager Thomas G. Mauck and company can't manage to eat before the City Council meeting, they could have a potluck dinner at City Hall, which will result in saving time, money and maybe pounds.
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