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March 3, 2001 | Associated Press
A Navy missile technician accused of sabotaging cables on a Trident nuclear submarine was using LSD, cocaine and methamphetamine at the time, prosecutors said. Petty Officer 2nd Class Ernesto G. Cimmino, 23, of Scotia, was arrested Nov. 26 as the Alaska sat at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard near Seattle. Cimmino faces 23 counts for allegedly cutting 106 cables. Prosecutors say he confessed to damaging 20 cables so he wouldn't have to go to sea.
December 18, 1996 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A runaway train without lights, whistle or an engineer barreled across about 50 miles of western Nebraska on a moonless night earlier this month, coming within seconds of hitting a farmer and his pregnant wife. Operated only by a remote-controlled locomotive, the 55 train cars plowed through dozens of crossings, three railroad stop signs and passed several other trains before a train engineer stopped them. Officials said the train may have been sabotaged by an irate motorist.
November 26, 1989
A 135-mile off-road motorcycle race across the Mojave Desert that had been opposed by environmentalists was marred Saturday by almost a dozen injuries and an attempt at sabotage. Officials of the American Motorcyclists Assn. contended that someone had tried to interrupt the race from Barstow to Las Vegas by dumping four-pronged spikes along the course.
March 9, 1989
An International Olympic Committee doctor who was in charge of the doping control facility at the Seoul Games dismissed the sabotage theory presented in testimony by Ben Johnson's coach Charlie Francis, this week at the Canadian federal inquiry into drug use in sports. Dr. Manfred Donike of West Germany said Wednesday in an interview with the Toronto Star: "I can tell you this is absolute nonsense . . .
A disgruntled General Dynamics computer programmer, hoping to increase his salary by creating a problem only he could solve, planted a computer "logic bomb" that could have destroyed vital data in the San Diego defense contractor's Atlas rocket space program, according to a federal indictment unsealed Tuesday. Federal officials allege that Michael J.
February 25, 1999 | From Reuters
A Microsoft Corp. executive acknowledged during the company's antitrust trial Wednesday that he tried to get Apple Computer Inc. to adopt Microsoft's multimedia technology, but he denied sabotaging Apple in an attempt to get the task done. Eric Engstrom, general manager of DirectX multimedia at Microsoft, completed his testimony by denying an accusation made earlier in the trial by Apple Senior Vice President Avadis Tevanian.
August 19, 1985
The discovery that a children's roller coaster at the Santa Clara County Fair had been sabotaged has led to the arrests of a 21-year-old man and a teen-ager for investigation of attempted murder and child endangerment, police reported. Metal pins connecting two cars on the Kiddie Roller Coaster apparently were removed after the ride was shut down, sheriff's Sgt. Cary Colla said. The motive for the alleged tampering is unknown, he said.
October 17, 1988 | MARK FINEMAN, Times Staff Writer
A "highly sophisticated form of sabotage" that may have included the gassing of the flight crew through the use of low-intensity plastic explosives was responsible for the Aug. 17 air crash that killed President Zia ul-Haq, 10 of his top army generals and U.S. Ambassador Arnold L. Raphel, Pakistan reported Sunday.
May 24, 2011 | By Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times
A gas leak and not sabotage caused an explosion Tuesday at a newly inaugurated section of an oil refinery in Abadan just before President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, state media reported. But Ahmadinejad quickly drew criticism from a lawmaker and some staff members at the refinery who suggested that the facility in the southwestern city was launched too soon, a semiofficial news agency reported. The blast, which killed as many as four people and injured up to 25 more, did not halt Ahmadinejad's speech, which included fairly typical denunciations of U.S. relations with Middle East autocrats and the course of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, according to news agencies.
Militant vegetarians and animal-rights activists are being blamed by the FBI for a growing problem with sabotage and vandalism on Western ranches, apparently aimed at undermining the region's beef and wool-growing industries. Richard Whitaker of the FBI office in Las Vegas warned the annual Nevada Cattlemen's Assn.
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