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Saint Vincent

June 3, 1990 | Amy Wallace, Amy Wallace is a reporter for the San Diego edition of The Times.
EVERYBODY IN LA JOLLA knew the Brodericks. Daniel T. Broderick III and his wife, Betty, seemed to have a classic society-page marriage. Dan was a celebrity in local legal circles. Armed with degrees from both Harvard Law School and Cornell School of Medicine, the prominent malpractice attorney was aggressive, persuasive and cunning--a $1-million-a-year lawyer at the top of his game.
February 28, 1991 | From Staff and Wire Reports
South African Welcome N'cita improved his record to 29-0 and retained his International Boxing Federation junior-featherweight title with a split decision over Colombian challenger Jose Rojas at Saint Vincent, Italy.
April 19, 1992
The letter to the editor April 5 by Mark Saint-Vincent of Littlerock ("Passing Lanes Key to Safety") expressed concern that Angeles Forest Highway was striped by Caltrans with a double yellow line which now prohibits passing. Angeles Forest Highway is County Road N3, not a state highway, and Saint-Vincent's concerns should be directed to the Los Angeles County Road Department. JEAN S. AMSTER Van Nuys Amster wrote as a representative of Caltrans
January 13, 1991 | From Staff and Wire Reports
American Charles Williams retained his International Boxing Federation light heavyweight title with an unanimous decision against Zairean-born Italian challenger Mwehu Beya at Saint Vincent, Italy. Williams improved to 30-4-2. Beya fell to 14-7-4.
August 13, 1995 | Michael Wilmington
Director and ex-painter Maurice Pialat, in this 1991 look at the legend of impoverished painter-sinner-saint Vincent Van Gogh, doesn't want us to sentimentalize or luxuriate in sensuous imagery. Focusing on a sullen performance by Jacques Dutronc as Vincent (pictured), he shows us the artist as outsider, rejected by a world perpetually ignorant of his depths and passions, rushing full-tilt to a destruction that cannot be avoided.
May 6, 1992
In a letter in the Los Angeles Times (Valley Edition, April 5), Mark Saint-Vincent takes issue with Caltrans double-striping Angeles Crest Highway and Angeles Forest Highway, making it illegal to cross over the yellow line to pass slower traffic. For the record, the Federal Highway Administration mandated that all such highways be doubled-striped as a safety measure. States that do not comply risk losing federal matching funds. Rather than jeopardizing a major source of money for transportation improvements in the Los Angeles area, Caltrans re-striped Route 2. Saint-Vincent seems to defend those drivers who travel 80 m.p.h.
March 4, 1990
Nearly every Saturday, I enjoy browsing at the numerous garage sales in the neighborhoods of Orange County. Occasionally, a book, tool, or other object will find its way home with me. However, with all of our social concern for those less fortunate, I am struck by the huge quantities of used clothing for sale. The small price collected hardly seems worth the time and effort to display and sell. The prices are generally quite inexpensive, but the buyers for old clothes are few. These clothes should go to the market with the highest demand.
April 5, 1992
I'm one of those who "brave the Palmdale 500," (Times Valley Edition, March 15), with over 17 years of heavy usage of Angeles Crest and Forest highways. The CHP does not enforce speed regulations "at the most dangerous sections of the roads." It enforces them where it is most convenient for them and where most speeding is likely to take place--in passing sections. Not coincidentally, these are not the dangerous sections--even at 80 m.p.h.--because the road is fairly straight and level.
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