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Sakfield Holding Co

July 10, 2003 | Jon Healey, Times Staff Writer
Online music distributor Sakfield Holding Co. sold songs through its Puretunes Web site for only a few weeks, but that proved to be a few weeks too long for the major record companies. The labels filed suit against Madrid-based Sakfield and 10 unnamed owners or accomplices on July 3, accusing them of violating copyrights and misleading the public by claiming to be an authorized music distributor even though it hadn't obtained licenses from the labels.
October 26, 2004 | Jon Healey, Times Staff Writer
The men behind the Grokster file-sharing network have settled a piracy lawsuit filed by the major record companies against an ill-fated online music store based in Spain. The settlement announced Monday called for Grokster founder Daniel Rung of Palm Springs, his brother Michael Rung, his son Matthew Rung and former Grokster President Wayne Rosso to pay a total of $500,000. It also required Sakfield Holding Co., the Spanish company the Rungs created to operate the site, to pay $10 million.
May 20, 2003 | Jon Healey, Times Staff Writer
After years of trying to persuade music fans to pay for the songs they download, the recording industry faces a new challenge: making sure they send their money to the right place. A new online music store called Puretunes, which debuts today, demonstrates the record labels' problem. Based in Madrid, Puretunes claims to comply with Spanish copyright law. But it's not sanctioned by the labels.
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