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August 13, 1989
The "Five Summer Stories" were absolute gems, and the Colman Andrews Food column, "Repasts Remembered," was a delight--I cut out the potato-salad recipe for future indulgence. ELIZABETH KEATING San Diego
August 7, 2013 | By Mary Forgione, Daily Deal and Travel Blogger
Get a free boat tour of Long Beach Harbor when you buy lunch at one of four restaurants near the city's Shoreline Aquatic Park. It happens every Wednesday through the end of the month -- provided you like lunch at noon sharp. The deal: Order takeout lunch prior to arriving at one of these Shoreline Village places -- Stefano's Pizza , Tugboat Pete's , Cafe Dia Bakery or Shenanigan's Irish Pub & Grill -- to reserve your spot on the boat. Then pick up your food by 11:45 a.m. and receive boarding passes for the Spirit Cruise that leaves at noon (Dock 9 near Parkers Lighthouse)
December 9, 2009
9021Pho LOCATION 490 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills; (310) 275-7077. PRICES Pho , $8.95; dinner salads (can be ordered as an entree), $10 to $11; appetizers, $7 to $8; entrees, $13 to $17. BEST DISHES Chicken pho , papaya-prawn salad, spicy 'n' sour soup, garlic eggplant, grilled pork sausage salad. DETAILS Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays. Visa and MasterCard. Street and evening city lot parking behind the restaurant.
August 12, 2010 | By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times
In Chef Eric Kopelow's kitchen, soup cauldrons are the size of hot tubs. The hand mixer resemble a jackhammer, and the mixing bowls are as big as huge kettledrums. Instead of measuring ingredients with tablespoons or cups, Kopelow doles out portions in quarts and gallons — often hundreds of gallons. "There is nothing here that's small," he said. "The smallest portion we make is five gallons. " Big equipment and huge portions are the norm in the central kitchen for Universal Studios Hollywood, where Kopelow, 49, and his cooks prepare the food to feed as many as 25,000 daily visitors, depending on the time of year.
June 1, 1989 | Compiled by researcher Cecilia Rasmussen
The content of school lunches emerges periodically as a issue, such as when officials debate whether ketchup can be classified as a vegetable, whether it is unhealthy to serve whole milk to youngsters or--most recently--whether a chemical used on apples poses a danger to students. Here are the elementary schools lunch menus, and the cost, on a recent Tuesday in five communities around Los Angeles County and three regions of the Los Angeles Unified School District. ARCADIA--$1.
October 21, 1998
Re "Feud Involving Valli's Wife Investigated," Oct. 15. My advice to the Vallis and the Avalons is get over themselves. Everyone is made to feel special at the Secret Garden Restaurant. You are no better than anyone else and deserve no special attention. The Secret Garden is a wonderful place that I would highly recommend. When you take into consideration that the meal includes a delicious large bowl of soup, then is followed by a choice of salad (not one of which is a typical "American" salad of iceberg and a tomato)
September 25, 1990
Oh, I get it. A tossed salad commentary! Just throw up a half a dozen serious subjects, i.e., abortion, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, women murdered in the workplace, etc. (whose potential for serious debate could fill columns) and see where they land on a piece of paper. Add a pinch of paranoia; a dash of Republican rhetoric; a couple of cups of right-wing catch phrases and toss it all in a big bowl of hot air and top it off with a nice dressing of "moral insanity" (whatever that means)
February 22, 2010 | Jeannine Stein
You can dig into that dulce de leche cheesecake, but you can no longer hide. With a California law now mandating that chain restaurants provide customers with nutrition information, consumers are coming face to face with the calorie, fat and sodium content of their favorite restaurant dishes — numbers they've only been able to guess at before. That dulce de leche delight from the Cheesecake Factory? 1,010 calories per slice. A surely more prudent fajita fiesta pollo salad at Red Robin?
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