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Sally Field House

November 15, 1987 | RONALD BROWNSTEIN
WHEN Patricia Schroeder made her pilgrimage to the Westside of Los Angeles while pondering a presidential bid last summer, she joined what one local attorney calls "the California money primary"--the contest for the city's seemingly bottomless pool of political money. No state means more financially to Democratic presidential candidates than California, and Los Angeles is the state's money capital.
August 26, 1987 | KEITH LOVE, Times Political Writer
Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, who has emerged as the marginal front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, acted the part during Los Angeles appearances Monday and Tuesday, passing up the chance to even mildly criticize his competitors for the nomination. "I respect and admire all of the other Democratic candidates; we've all been involved in public life a long time," Dukakis said, despite being the chief target during a debate among the Democratic aspirants Sunday in Iowa. Sen.
November 20, 1988 | PAUL ROSENFIELD
Barbara Walters has a way of running her fingers through her streaked hair and turning it into a topknot, so she looks like Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate." Just as seductive. When she stands alone in a corner outside her ABC office, waving goodby to a visitor, she seems as vulnerable as Anne Bancroft was to Dustin Hoffman at the top of the movie. It's little things like that, like the personal poems that she writes for guests at her dinner parties, that draw people to her.
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