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Carpet installer Gary Smith had never met the University City housewife who lived in a condominium next to where he was working. But, Wednesday morning, when Smith heard her screaming and running from her home, he rushed to her aid. His good deed cost him dearly. The 35-year-old San Diegan, described as a part-time law student and "a real decent guy," raced after the man suspected of burglarizing the woman's home.
February 3, 1992 | JACK SMITH
My wife has gone to visit Disney World in Florida for five days with four of our grandchildren, ranging in age from 9 to 18. It is an adventure quite beyond my energy and ambition. She got the idea when we visited that immense playground after our recent Caribbean cruise. "I'd love to bring the kids here," she said, having exhausted me on a tour of the Epcot Center. "You're out of your mind," I said. "I mean it. I think they'd love it." "Count me out," I said. "You're out."
June 8, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
The state Supreme Court threw out the death sentence of a good Samaritan who saved two people's lives, then wound up on death row for killing an elderly woman two years later. The court ruled in Atlanta that William Marvin Gulley's lawyers should have presented the evidence of his good deeds to jurors. Gulley will be resentenced for killing an 81-year-old Albany woman and raping her 60-year-old daughter in 1994. "Whatever our own opinions may be about the sentencing verdict in this case ...
September 14, 1986 | MARY LOU LOPER, Times Staff Writer
Longtime socialite and benefactor Mrs. Henry Salvatori will be in the spotlight Sept. 28 when the newly completed Grace Ford Salvatori Auditorium at the Hospital of the Good Samaritan is officially dedicated at 4 p.m. It's a double celebration, also honoring the Audrienne H. Mosely Conference Center, the result of the late Audrienne H. Mosely's bequest. Her attorney, Neil Papiano, will attend. At Mrs.
May 20, 1996 | TIM MAY
Johny Carpenter, a.k.a. the "Cowboy Samaritan," will be honored Tuesday as Citizen of the Year by the East Valley Coordinating Council. Carpenter, 81, has run the Heaven on Earth Ranch in Lake View Terrace since 1969. Over the years, the ranch--which features Western storefronts, chuck wagons and horses--has welcomed thousands of disabled children and adults.
October 18, 1990 | TED BROCK
Charlene Johanneson of Elbert, Colo., was driving home with her son and daughter on Interstate 25 near Denver Sunday when a hit-and-run driver struck their car from behind. Denver Bronco Coach Dan Reeves and his wife, driving home from the Broncos' 34-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, stopped to help. After calling police on his car phone, Reeves stayed at the scene for 45 minutes until an ambulance arrived. Said Johanneson: "You know the guy wasn't feeling on top of the world.
July 30, 1990
Gary Smith helped a fellow citizen. Sadly, it cost him his life. The 35-year-old San Diego carpet layer was cut down, brutally and needlessly, because he cared enough to get involved, something so few of us do. Smith was installing a rug in a condominium when he heard screams from a woman in the building next door. He went to her rescue and chased a gun-wielding burglar. Smith, who was not armed, was shot in the face, abdomen, left arm and right thigh.
April 13, 1989
Los Angeles police have arrested three of four youths suspected in the April 2 killing of a North Hollywood man who chased the group after they tried to steal a neighbor's pickup truck. The 16-year-old alleged triggerman and a 17-year-old companion were arrested at a home in North Hollywood, and the third suspect, also 16, was arrested while walking along a street in the community, Lt. Ron LaRue said. The teen-agers were booked on suspicion of murder and were being held without bail at Sylmar Juvenile Hall.
October 17, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
A Denver woman says a hit-and-run accident on Interstate 25 on Sunday ruined her day, but a bad day on the football field didn't stop Denver Broncos Coach Dan Reeves from stopping to help. Charlene Johanneson was driving to her home in Elbert with her two children when a hit-and-run driver slammed into her car from behind as she drove south. Reeves and his wife, on their way home from the Broncos' 34-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, was the first person to stop and offer assistance.
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