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Sami Burke Inc

October 14, 1987 | Associated Press
Time Inc. announced an agreement Tuesday to sell its market research unit to Control Data for about $80 million in cash and additional payments based on the unit's future revenue. Time said the sale of SAMI-Burke Inc. should enable it to concentrate on its core businesses, which include magazine and book publishing and cable-television systems and programming.
February 8, 1988 | JESUS SANCHEZ, Times Staff Writer
About four times a week, Ann Little empties a pouch of instant ramen noodles into a pot of boiling water. She adds a flavoring mix and tosses in a few pieces of shrimp. Lunch is served. "It's perfect," said Little, 42, a former grocery worker who lives in Glendale. "In five minutes, you can have a full lunch." Fast, convenient and inexpensive, Oriental instant noodles--commonly known as ramen--have become one of the fastest growing products in the soup sections of American supermarkets.
January 26, 1988 | JESUS SANCHEZ
Move over, "New!" Take a break, "Improved. " Perhaps the most popular catch word being slapped on many food packages these days is "microwaveable." Microwave ovens began showing up in American households in the late 1960s, and the first food products aimed directly at the time-saving appliance popped up a decade later. But with 60% to 70% of American households now having a microwave, food companies are unleashing a horde of microwave-only products.
March 10, 1987 | BRUCE HOROVITZ
The 15-second beer is here. That's not how long you drink it. It's how long you think it. But starting next month, Miller Brewing Co. and its ad agency Backer & Spielvogel will try to pack more punch into some 15-second commercials by turning them into parts of a continuing series. In the past, the short time frame has forced most advertisers to use 15-second spots purely for product name identification.
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