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Santa Claus

December 26, 2013 | By Paul Whitefield
Talk about a Christmas news peg; try this headline: “1 in 200 mothers reports a 'virgin' birth, study finds.” Now, full disclosure, the study was actually published on Dec. 17. But some folks, like me, are just getting around to writing about it because, well, it fits in with the holidays in a shameless and somewhat tasteless way. (A little insight into the secret world of the so-called journalism profession: This is sometimes called “saving string.”...
July 8, 1998 | MICHAEL BAKER
Clad in his familiar red jacket with his long white beard resting on his chest, Robert J. George was remembered Tuesday by hundreds of family, friends and admirers at his funeral service as the man who was Santa Claus. Until his death from congestive heart failure on July 1 at age 74, George lived full time as Santa Claus for nearly 50 years.
August 6, 1988
The "Santa Claus bandit," suspected of robbing 33 Southern California savings and loans since escaping from federal prison in mid-April, was captured by sheriff's deputies Friday at the home of a friend in La Puente. Michael J. Anderson, dubbed "the Santa Claus bandit" because of the 45-year-old suspect's long, grayish-white hair and the gray beard he wore during many of the robberies he allegedly committed--was being held without bail on robbery charges and a federal arrest warrant.
December 22, 1998 | From Reuters
Cuba's Communist government may have restored Christmas as a public holiday, but that does not mean Santa Claus is welcome on the Caribbean island. An official Cuban newspaper warned readers Monday to beware of the white-bearded Santa figure as a potentially threatening symbol of U.S. "consumerism," "cultural hegemony" and "mental colonization."
February 4, 2012 | T.J. Simers
I believe! Any GP in the same predicament would tell you the same thing. I took a few days this week to visit the grandkids in Arizona, finding the daughter upset when I arrived. She had just taken the 7-Eleven Kid and the twins to see the movie "We Bought a Zoo. " I remember as a parent how upset I was when I had to sit through dumb kid movies just because I was a father. But she was angry because Matt Damon , the father in the movie, was saying he had a 7-year-old daughter who still thinks the Easter Bunny exists.
December 21, 1996 | HOPE HAMASHIGE
Santa Claus is looking for work. Santa will visit homes in Stanton or parties for a 30-minute visit to spread holiday cheer through Dec. 24. Anyone interested in arranging a visit with Santa Claus can call the Stanton Community Services Department. The cost for Stanton residents is $25; the cost for others is $30. An additional $5 will be charged on Dec. 24. For information and reservations: (714) 379-9222, Ext. 270.
January 29, 1998
Dayton C. Fouts, 85, who portrayed Santa Claus for 60 years. Fouts began the role in 1937 and made his last public appearance as the red-robed, white-furred saint Dec. 14 at a Tucson Boys Chorus concert. The 1998 Guinness Book of World Records recognizes him as the world's longest tenured Santa Claus. In July, Fouts was an honored guest at the annual Father Christmas convention in Copenhagen. On Sunday in Tucson of cardiac arrest.
December 9, 1994 | MIMI KO
Anyone wanting to get a letter from Santa Claus can drop him a message in one of four special mailboxes throughout the city. The North Pole Express will be taking mail until Thursday at the Fullerton Main Library, 353 W. Commonwealth Ave.; the Hunt Branch Library, 201 S. Basque Ave.; City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave., and Independence Park, 801 W. Valencia Drive. City sources say Santa is guaranteeing a response to all those who write and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
December 11, 2008 | TIMES WIRE REPORTS
Santa Claus posed with a huge kitty on his lap -- and now he might need rabies shots. Jonathan Bebbington was playing the jolly old man at a PetsMart store in Hamilton Township, N.J., when Benny the cat panicked because of dogs and bit him on the wrist and hand, Bebbington said. At least one witness thought it was a bobcat, estimating it weighed 30 pounds. Owner and cat vanished. "Her last words were, 'I have a permit and the cat has all his vaccines,' " Bebbington, 47, told the Press of Atlantic City.
When the international peace coordinator for Bosnia, Carl Bildt, took a walkabout with Santa Claus the other day in downtown Sarajevo, he bore tidings of political support as well as holiday joy. The Bosnian version of Santa Claus--actually a New Year's Eve figure known as Grandfather Frost--has been at the center of a controversy that illuminates the country's growing spirit of peacetime disharmony.
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