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Saudi Arabia

October 16, 1990
I separated from the Marine Corps under honorable conditions after four years of active duty in August, 1989. My battalion is currently in Saudi Arabia, and I know that I would have gone with few reservations had this crisis occurred during my enlistment. My sense of duty, primarily to my fellow Marines, would have demanded it. Yet I cannot discount some of the points made in Cpl. Jeffrey Paterson's column (Commentary, Oct. 9) as lame rationalizations to cover up cowardice. Paterson is right when he speaks of the "neocolonial condescension" that characterizes our military presence in the Philippines and, I suspect, in other developing nations.
December 2, 2003 | From Reuters
Authorities here said Monday that the attack on a residential compound in Riyadh that killed 20 people last month was carried out by two Saudi suicide bombers who were already on an official wanted list. In the first detailed official account of the bombing, the Interior Ministry said a "terrorist group" drove up to the gates of the Muhaya compound at midnight Nov. 8 in a civilian car. The group threw grenades and shot at the compound guards.
September 30, 2009 | David G. Savage
Despite success in shutting down the financing of terrorist groups within its borders, Saudi Arabia remains a top source of funding for Al Qaeda elsewhere and Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, the Government Accountability Office said in a report to Congress. The report does not name individuals or estimate how much money might be flowing to the terrorists. Since 2003, the Saudis have barred charities from transferring money outside the kingdom, but the GAO said that this hasn't prevented Saudi-based charities with branches abroad from serving as funding sources for terrorist groups.
October 31, 2010 | By Meris Lutz, Los Angeles Times
Iran and Saudi Arabia, which have been criticized for their records on women's rights, are on track to join the board of a new U.N. agency devoted to women. Activists have expressed concern that the two Islamic states could interfere with the work of the agency, U.N. Women. "We are hopeful that Iran or Saudi Arabia would not be able to significantly obstruct the work of U.N. Women," said Philippe Bolopion, the United Nations advocacy director for Human Rights Watch. "There are certainly other countries we have concerns with, but Saudi Arabia and Iran have such dismal records on women's rights that their presence on the board would be seen as provocative by many women around the world.
November 29, 1990
In The Times' article "Women Drivers Banned by Saudis as 'Portent of Evil' " (Nov. 15), the Saudis showed their true feelings towards Americans, who have saved their country from being invaded and annexed by Iraq, when they condemned Saudi women drivers as either "American agents" "communists or secularists." If it weren't for the presence of American troops there, the Saudis would have Iraqi drivers in tanks in their streets instead of Saudi women to complain about. We must not get involved in a war in the Mideast protecting people of such a diverse culture who really resent us. As Sen. Bob Dole said, we are in the Mideast because of three letters: Oil. We are there because of the industrial complex to protect their supply of oil. We have ethanol and can convert our car engines to run on that fuel and thus help American corn farmers and not have to spend billions on Middle Eastern oil. That entire region (especially Iraq and Iran)
January 20, 2009 | Ashraf Khalil
Uniformed police officers returned to the streets of Gaza on Monday, machine guns in hand, as Hamas declared that Israel's 22-day air and land assault had done nothing to weaken the militant group's authority here. "Hamas emerged from this battle with its head held high," said Hamad al Ruqb, a Hamas official in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. "Every Israeli attack only increases our support."
September 23, 1996 | Reuters
Saudi Arabia beheaded four Nigerian men Sunday for robbing a jewelry store, Saudi state television reported. It was the first time this year that Saudi Arabia has beheaded anyone for theft.
July 2, 1987 | From Reuters
Saudi Arabia and the sultanate of Brunei have decided to establish diplomatic relations, the official Saudi Press Agency reported Wednesday.
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