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September 8, 1989
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January 24, 2003 | J.A. Adande
No need to wait until Sunday. I'm about to give you the Super Bowl MVP. Most Valuable Parent. When Tampa Bay Buccaneer cornerback Ronde Barber takes the field, that will mean both of Geraldine Barber's twin sons have played in the Super Bowl; running back Tiki Barber played for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV two years ago. Two Super Bowl starters from one egg. Two men reaching the peak of their profession thanks to one mom so proud she can't even describe it.
January 30, 2004 | F. Kathleen Foley; David C. Nichols; Daryl H. Miller; Rob Kendt
Adam Rapp's one-man play, "Nocturne," now in its Southern California premiere at the Black Dahlia Theatre, opens with a blatant hook -- the decapitation of a child. Although his drama contains flashes of brilliance, Rapp does not avoid all of the pitfalls contingent upon that circumstance. As the lights go up, the Son (Adam Stein) baldly states, "Fifteen years ago, I killed my sister." What follows is an exhaustive recounting of the tragedy and its aftermath.
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