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School Administrators

April 2, 2013 | By Melanie Mason
WASHINGTON - A National Rifle Assn.-backed task force unveiled a sweeping set of proposed school safety measures Tuesday, the gun rights group's counterproposal to the spate of gun control bills introduced in the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December. Asa Hutchinson, a former Republican congressman from Arkansas and drug czar under President George W. Bush, announced the National School Shield task force findings in a Washington D.C. news conference amid tight security.
August 22, 1997
Dana Hills High School Principal Kathleen Rager has been appointed to the Assn. of California School Administrators State Secondary Education Committee, which develops policies and programs for schools statewide. Members of the committee identify and study issues related to secondary education in California and make recommendations that often become adopted throughout the state.
May 28, 1993
El Modena High School Principal Gail Richards has been named Secondary Principal Administrator of the Year by the Assn. of California School Administrators. Richards, El Modena's principal for the past five years, has spent her entire teaching career in the Orange Unified School District. She began as a teacher at El Modena in 1972 and was promoted to principal after teaching and administrative assignments.
November 21, 1996 | From Associated Press
A gay man who was beaten and tormented in school for years won a $900,000 out-of-court settlement Wednesday, ending the first federal trial of a school district for not protecting a gay student from harassment. Jamie Nabozny had been regularly spat on and beaten up, subjected to a mock rape and kicked in the belly so many times over the years that he needed surgery, court testimony showed.
May 6, 2013 | By Joseph Serna
The L.A. County Sheriff's Department increased its presence at a Santa Clarita high school Monday after a rumor quickly spread that a student was going to take a gun to school, officials said. “It's completely unsubstantiated,” said Sgt. Richard Nagler. “But because of a lot of press and Twittering and Facebooking and every other little communication device these kids have, it got around, so in order to quell this, we have additional deputies there at the school today.” Nagler said a student at West Ranch High School told school administrators Friday about overhearing another  student mentioning bringing a gun to school Monday.
June 20, 1996
Julie Hume, director of curriculum planning for the Tustin Unified School District, has been named the 1996 Curriculum and Instructional Administrator of the Year for Orange County by a statewide school administrators' organization. The award makes her eligible for the Assn. of California School Administrators' top award, the State Administrator of the Year, which will be announced in October.
May 12, 2005
Re "A Call for Grown-Ups," editorial, May 10: The cellphone incident involving a 17-year-old high school student in Columbus, Ga., talking to his mother who is serving in Iraq was handled poorly. I am a veteran and know firsthand what it is like to be stationed halfway around the world. Just a word of encouragement from home is salvation for a weary soul. School administrators in this case do not have a clue about being understanding. They need to be retrained in human relations.
December 23, 1990
This is regarding "A Bitter Pill" (Dec. 13), about Mexican-trained professionals, specifically medical doctors. It is a shame that these fine people have to beg to work for manual labor positions due to the existing "racial prejudice" mentality of Orange County. That does not speak well of our county, considering its wealth and the population being mostly of Latino descent. It is interesting to note that when Civil Rights Commissioner Phil Montez goes to audit universities on their "affirmative action" programs that the school administrators always claim that there are "not any qualified minorities to fill existing positions."
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