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School System

October 22, 1989
I would like to suggest to Poole that his next focus be the privatization of our public school system. If all primary and secondary schools were privately owned and operated, they could compete with one another for excellence in curriculum and instruction. This system would force schools to develop specific standards of performance and accountability ("production" in the business world) and may motivate parents to become more involved. By operating as a business, a privatized school system would reward our excellent teachers, weed out poor teachers and provide incentives for new teachers to become excellent teachers.
May 5, 2007
Re "A drill can't fix LAUSD," Opinion, April 28 The rest of the world scores quick and easy political points by bashing our public school system. Virtually alone in the world of punditry, Sandra Tsing Loh identifies the successes of public schools. As a parent with children in public school, I love her work on this front, because school staff are properly more concerned with teaching than with rehabilitating their battered image. For readers who merely skim headlines, "A drill can't fix LAUSD" cynically echoes the conventional wisdom that our school system is broken beyond repair.
August 24, 1991
Regarding your editorial "Public Schools at the End of the Rope" (Aug. 15): The Times says that immigration and a record birth rate are having a negative impact on the public school system. In fact, these are not separate issues since immigrants (both legal and illegal) have the largest birth rate of any group in California. At this country's busiest obstetrics hospital, located at the USC-Los Angeles County Medical Center, 85%-90% of the births are to mothers who are illegal aliens.
June 15, 1986
Atheism is also a religion--probably the most narrow, fanatic and paranoid of all religions since the atheist not only goes against the drift of the culture, but also against the witness of all he is as a human being. Practically speaking, atheism is now the officially established religion in the Los Angeles school system. JERRY SWEERS Claremont
June 8, 2007
Re "LAUSD, the school bully," Opinion, June 7 Bruce William Smith shows what's wrong with our school system. Teachers who use their own resources and time to help students should be rewarded, not persecuted. The retaliation of the L.A. Unified School District is proof that it's more concerned with control of budget than quality of education. Students deserve better. JOE D'AUGUSTINE Los Angeles
August 30, 1987
Ciotti wrote: "Some junior high school gang members carry pocket pagers in school. They'll be in class, the beeper goes off, and they excuse themselves and go make a sale." After reading this, I stopped and read it again, shook my head and then got angry. The Los Angeles public school system in recent years has left a great deal to be desired, but I feel that those two sentences demonstrate just how appalling this system has become. The teachers, parents of students and members of the Board of Education should all be ashamed for allowing this state to exist in our school system.
March 22, 1992
As newlyweds, almost 40 years ago, we chose to buy in San Gabriel because of its highly respected school system, a reputation it still enjoys from kindergarten through eighth grade. However, San Gabriel High School is part of the Alhambra School District, and by the time our children reached ninth grade, SGHS was too overcrowded to provide the quality of education we had experienced in the San Gabriel school system. Counselors were so heavily overloaded that they could barely provide counsel for those students who were "flunking out or were disciplinary problems," to quote one daughter.
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