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July 7, 1994
Members of the "Damn Yankees" cast including Tab Hunter, Gwen Verdon and Jean Stapleton will appear at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences on July 15 prior to a screening of the film at 7:30 p.m. The event scheduled at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Blvd., is part of the academy's ongoing "Standard Screening Series." The film's original trailer and footage of the original stage version will be shown with a three-strip Technicolor print of "Damn Yankees."
February 24, 1996
Ever since Oscar nominations were announced, everyone in Hollywood has been trying to apply the most diplomatic possible spin to the omission of director Ang Lee for "Sense and Sensibility." Why not call it for what it really is, the racist Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' latest snub to the Chinese film industry? DAVID R. MOSS Los Angeles
July 21, 1985
Gerald Wasserburg of Caltech has been awarded the J. Lawrence Smith Medal of the National Academy of Sciences for his studies of meteorites and their ages and nuclear histories. The bronze medal carries with it a prize of $10,000. The medal, which was established in 1888 through the Smith Fund, is awarded for investigations of meteoritic bodies. Wasserburg is the John D. MacArthur professor of geology and geophysics at Caltech.
April 2, 2006
Regarding "Now Showing: Declining Sales at Theater Snack Bars," March 18: Instead of telling the public how wonderful it is to see a movie on the big screen (as it did during the Oscar telecast), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should shout to the theater owners to lower their prices. Sharon Beirdneau Mission Viejo
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