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Continuing its shopping binge in the entertainment software industry, Connecticut-based CUC International has agreed to acquire Berkeley Systems Inc., a maker of popular games and computer screen savers. Up to a third of Berkeley Systems' 120 employees will be laid off after the acquisition, according to company spokeswoman Monica Granados. Terms of the deal, which is scheduled to be completed Friday, were not disclosed.
December 13, 2001 | Bloomberg News
Motorola Inc., the second-largest maker of wireless phones, will include AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Instant Messenger e-mail service on its mobile devices and advertise through the biggest media and Internet company. The companies didn't disclose terms of the "multimillion-dollar, multiyear" agreement. Instant Messenger allows users to send e-mails that pop up immediately on the recipient's screen. Motorola will license content from AOL Time Warner's Warner Bros.
May 11, 1998 | KAREN KAPLAN
Ziff-Davis, publisher of two dozen computer industry magazines and producer of huge trade shows, including Comdex, will launch a 24-hour cable network today. ZDTV's lineup will include computer- and technology-oriented shows such as "Internet Tonight," which will give tours and reviews of Web sites; "The Screen Savers" and "Fresh Gear," which will offer tips on the latest gadgets and how to care for them; and "Silicon Spin," which will feature pundits arguing about industry issues.
July 27, 1993 | BRUCE HOROVITZ
Your computer--one of the last, great, untapped advertising mediums--is fast becoming Madison Avenue's next unabashed commercial vehicle. Already, the irrepressible Eveready "Energizer Bunny" is hopping across tens of thousands of computer screens nationwide. Last week, Universal Studios signed a deal with a computer software firm to send scenes from the hit film "Jurassic Park" swirling across computer screens.
April 29, 1997 | BARBARA MURPHY
PerfectData Corp. in Simi Valley announced a joint marketing and distribution agreement with Hunter Media that will allow PerfectData to expand its offerings of software titles and enter new markets with more products and technology. The two companies plan to create a sales and distribution organization to cover the global market.
October 1, 1993 | MARTHA GROVES
Berkeley Systems Inc., best known for its Flying Toasters personal computer "screen saver," is hoping to make toast of a new competing product that it says violates a copyright. Berkeley Systems said it is suing Delrina Corp., a Toronto-based publisher of a screen saver featuring a cartoon penguin engaged in a shooting match with winged toasters. The penguin fires a shotgun and is in turn bombarded with burnt toast.
November 11, 1999 | LARRY STEWART
What: "Best Shots: a Century of Sound and Fury" videotape Producers: USA Home Entertainment and NFL Films Price: $19.95 Imagine the best that NFL Films has to offer--the best catches, the best runs, the best sacks, the best hits, the best sound bites, the best from players and coaches wearing microphones, the best music and sound, the greatest joy, the worst agony--and that's what you get in this videotape. The title says it all.
January 6, 1996 | CYNDI NIGHTENGALE
From flea-market finds to bed knobs and broomsticks, no scrap is left unturned for artist Laura VanLandingham's picture frames and mirrors. VanLandingham, who calls herself a third-generation flea-market junkie, crafts eclectic pieces from recycled junk or treasures, depending on your view. A reformed jewelry designer and pack rat, VanLandingham scavenges for materials. She has searched through an old, flooded house on the Russian River and been known to explore friends' backyards.
So you can't quite get to the village of Hogsmeade, but you can chill with Harry Potter and his crew in some rather magical places online. Like Harry's, your first stop at a wizard hang-out should be There you'll find news of the upcoming movie, to open Nov. 16. The Leaky Cauldron links to, which leads to a number of interesting places. Some might call it a virtual Platform 93/4. One place it leads, appropriately enough, is http://www.
June 12, 2004 | From Associated Press
A New York company that delivers Internet pop-up ads has asked a judge to block enforcement of Utah's anti-spyware law pending resolution of a constitutional challenge. Inc. claims that the law, which took effect last month, is "arbitrary and draconian" and violates its free-speech rights. WhenU lawyers told 3rd District Judge Joseph Fratto Jr. on Thursday that regulation of advertising on the Internet was a matter of interstate commerce subject to federal, not state, jurisdiction.
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