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Sean Young

March 31, 1993 | BRIDGET BYRNE
The Scene: The Women in Film Academy Awards Viewing Party, where some 600 dined in front of giant screens at the Biltmore Bowl Ballroom. Who Was There: Sean Young with husband Robert Lujan, Rita Moreno with daughter Fernanda Gordon, Diane Ladd. After midnight, as promised, Sir Anthony Hopkins stopped by, as did past Oscar winners Mercedes Ruehl, Kathy Bates and new statuette-clutcher Marisa Tomei.
October 23, 2010 | By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times
They arrived from places throughout the western United States, and now several hundred of them are waiting nervously in the USO lounge attached to the Lindbergh Field international airport. Soon they will take a short bus ride to a place where ferociously fit men with bellowing voices will shadow their every step and yell orders at them. Their heads will be shaved and they will be stripped of all privacy and individuality. For the next 12 weeks they will be deprived of the fun things of life: television, music, Internet, movies, iPods, cellphones, home cooking, romantic companionship.
April 17, 1988
Oscar has made his yearly visit, and even his most die-hard fans may feel a bit jaded at the pageantry and predictability of the annual awards. Therefore, the time has come to recognize some new categories to spice things up. I ever so humbly present you the winners of these new awards: Best Use of Music in a Single Scene--"Tough Guys Don't Dance," for its use of "Pomp and Circumstance" during the scene in which Tim and Dougy dump the...
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