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Secret Police

January 8, 1990 | From Associated Press
Opposition groups today suspended negotiations with the ruling Communists after the government said it could not immediately explain the status of East Germany's hated secret police network. One opposition group alleged that a secret police unit had urged a coup to halt the reform movement. Opposition groups had threatened to pull out of the weekly negotiations unless there was proof that the secret police network had been disarmed and was being disbanded.
February 14, 1994 | From Reuters
Arab gunmen killed an Israeli secret police officer and wounded two others in an ambush in the West Bank on Sunday, the Israeli army said. "A General Security Services (commonly known as Shin Bet secret police) man, Noam Cohen, was killed this afternoon, and two other workers of the service were wounded," an army spokeswoman said. "During a GSS operation this afternoon in the center of Ramallah, there was shooting from an ambush at the GSS personnel who were in a vehicle," she said.
February 7, 1990 | From Reuters
The Bulgarian secret police agency has been disbanded in a major shake-up of the state security services aimed at helping the country rid itself of its hard-line Communist past, officials announced Tuesday.
March 30, 1990 | From Reuters
East Germany's political leaders, confronted by tens of thousands of people in the first street protests since free elections 11 days ago, agreed Thursday to investigate alleged links between new parliamentary deputies and the former Stasi secret police. Emerging from a virtual stalemate over the Stasi allegations, they also agreed to convene Parliament on April 5. The two main parties said they are confident of forming a non-Communist coalition government by the middle of next month.
December 20, 1989 | Associated Press
Prime Minister Marian Calfa said Tuesday that all domestic operations of the dreaded secret police have been halted. "It is one of our priorities to adjust the work of the Interior Ministry to the new social conditions," Calfa told Parliament. In 41 years of Communist rule, secret police agents were involved in continuous surveillance operations against citizens and were responsible for the interrogation and harassment of dissidents and independent thinkers.
December 14, 1989 | From Associated Press
Reform activists scored another victory for democracy today by pressuring the government into abolishing the hated secret police agency that tried to suppress their peaceful revolt. The decision to shut down the Office for National Security came out of negotiations between Communist leaders and opposition groups, and amid increasing threats against secret police officials by citizens angry about previous excesses.
June 20, 2000
Humberto Gordon, 72, former junta member and ex-chief of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet's secret police. A trusted confidant of Pinochet during the dictator's rule from 1973 to 1990, Gordon had been under house arrest since October and was facing prosecution for human rights abuses. After spending years as chief of Pinochet's feared secret police, Gordon became a member of the dictator's ruling four-man junta.
July 27, 1990 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
East Germany jailed 82-year-old Erich Mielke, the former chief of the Communist secret police, on suspicion that he had hidden some of the world's most notorious terrorists. Mielke was held pending investigation of still other charges: that he abused his power, jailed people for criticizing the old regime and turned East Germany into a haven for left-wing terrorists.
October 7, 1988 | United Press International
The weekly Moscow News on Thursday printed a shocking description of mass executions conducted by Josef Stalin's secret police, describing how 100,000 Soviet citizens were systematically murdered in the southwestern Byelorussian republic before the 1941 Nazi invasion. Until now, Soviet historians have blamed the wholesale executions on German forces that occupied the area during World War II.
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