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April 3, 2005 | From Times Wire Services
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of a top security chief Saturday and ordered hundreds of senior security officers to retire in a bid to reform his forces and halt violence, an official said. Abbas, who took office Jan. 15 after the death last year of longtime Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, has been under pressure from Israel and Washington to impose law and order in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
August 27, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Southern African leaders ended a regional summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with a new mutual security pact that will permit member states to intervene in internal conflicts in other states to prevent them from destabilizing other countries. Officials of the 14-member Southern African Development Community said they hoped the pact would prevent civil wars in the region.
February 9, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Egypt boosted security along its border with the Gaza Strip after Hamas allegedly threatened to kidnap Egyptian troops if Palestinian militants arrested in the Sinai are not released, a security official said. Snipers were deployed on rooftops on the Egyptian side of Rafah, a town divided by the border. Egyptian forces were told to move only in armed groups of at least three, the official said. The official said Hamas warned that it would abduct security personnel if Egypt did not release 15 members of the Islamic group arrested last week in the Sinai desert bordering Gaza.
April 12, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Buddhist villagers in southern Thailand, outraged over the inadequate security in the area, confronted the army chief with the charred body of a woman killed by Muslim insurgents. The demonstration was the latest sign of fraying tempers among Buddhists in the deep south, the only place dominated by Muslims in overwhelmingly Buddhist Thailand. A Muslim insurgency in the south has claimed more than 2,000 lives in the last three years.
January 23, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
Israel unveiled a security system designed to keep suicide bombers off buses. The key element of the system is a simple turnstile that the driver can lock if anyone arouses suspicion while boarding. A more sophisticated version includes electronic sensors to detect explosives up to 3 feet away, setting off an alarm near the driver. A bomber could still detonate explosives outside the bus, but fewer casualties would probably result.
February 25, 2004 | Alan Abrahamson
Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, described security preparations for the Summer Games as "unprecedented" Tuesday, adding remarks intended to offer assurance that the Athens Games will be safe. "Everything that is humanly possible has been done," he said. "It is not an easy task to organize an Olympic Games," Rogge added in a speech opening a meeting of the Assn.
November 5, 1996 | SHELBY GRAD
County Chief Executive Officer Jan Mittermeier wants to study the possibility of using a private company rather than the marshal's office to install and operate an airport-style security system for the Central Courthouse in Santa Ana. The Board of Supervisors will take up her request at its meeting today. Court officials have long pushed for the security system, which they said is needed to detect weapons brought into the courthouse.
March 24, 2004 | From Associated Press
The Bush administration has neglected to protect railroads and mass transit systems from a terrorist attack like the one that killed nearly 200 people in Madrid, senators said Tuesday. Though the entire U.S. rail system can't be protected from terrorism, the government can start by securing rail tunnels under Capitol Hill and New York's Penn Station because of their vulnerability to a catastrophic attack, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) told the Senate Commerce Committee.
April 30, 2002 | From Associated Press
Working undercover, congressional investigators gained unauthorized access to four Atlanta federal buildings and easily sneaked briefcases and packages past security checkpoints. One investigator obtained two different security badges and a guard's after-hours access code, according to a General Accounting Office report obtained Monday by Associated Press. One pass allowed the investigator to carry a firearm in the buildings.
March 21, 2003 | Lance Pugmire and Helene Elliott, Times Staff Writers
Anaheim police and the security staff at the Arrowhead Pond will increase personnel by as much as 30% and will subject all fans to electronic searches when the NCAA men's basketball West Regional is played there next week. Russell Beecher, security and public safety manager at the Pond, said the stepped-up measures were in response to the war in Iraq, NCAA security requests and the arena's position in the Disneyland resort corridor, considered the No.
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