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Sedona Az

September 29, 2002 | ELLEN MELINKOFF
At the 15th annual Sedona, Ariz., Sculpture Walk, from Friday to Sunday, more than 100 artists will exhibit their works (all for sale) at Sedona Cultural Park. Artwork will range from desktop-size to life-scale pieces, from bronze to wood, steel, marble, polished aluminum, ceramics and glass. One tent will feature works by cowboy artists; another, by emerging artists. For more information, contact the Sedona Arts Center, P.O. Box 569, Sedona, AZ 86339; (928) 282-3809,
February 1, 1998 | LISA MARLOWE and Marlowe is a Malibu-based freelance writer.
In the 1940s, when famed surrealist painter Max Ernst emphatically stated, "There are only two places in the world I want to live--Paris and Sedona," the latter had yet to see an army of New Agers hang out shingles for everything from crystal reading to aural photography. No UFO hunters had arrived in search of signs from above. Aging yippie-yi-yo yuppies did not strut down the main drag in $800 cowboy boots and designer black denim.
January 31, 1999 | SHARON BOORSTIN, Boorstin is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer
I love the anticipation I feel when I arrive after dark somewhere I've never been before, and can only imagine what my surroundings will look like in the morning. After a late night arrival at the new Doubletree Resort in Sedona, however, I awoke to disappointment: Out the window of our Southwestern-themed suite, instead of seeing Sedona's famous red rocks, mentioned in the ad that had lured us here with its $149 introductory rate, I saw only a parking lot.
October 15, 1995 | Judith Morgan, Judith Morgan is co-author, with husband Neil Morgan, of "Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel" (Random House).
In late October, the sun does not rise over the craggy rim of Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon until after 9, torching ponderosa pines and red-rock pinnacles with the fire of autumn. Golden light floods the creek-side dining room, where I savor an omelet of sour cream and green chiles and a tall mug of coffee.
March 3, 2003
-- 1 Tatyana Pozdnyakora, Ukraine 2:29:40 2 Lioudmila Kortchaguina, Russia 2:30:18 3 Zivile Balciunaite, Lithuania 2:33:22 4 Aurica Buia, Romania 2:34:15 5 Irina Safarova, Russia 2:34:23 6 Jackline Torori, Kenya 2:35:38 7 Lidia Vassilevskaia, Russia 2:35:44 8 Olga Kovpotinc, Russia 2:37:46 9 Mary Colburn, Redondo Beach 2:55:41 10 Margarita Conde Malin, Guat 3:00:02 11 Edith Martinez, Brea 3:05:37 12 Athena Countouriotis, L.A 3:09:44 13 Laurel Adair,...
March 30, 1998
MEN 17 AND UNDER 1. Jose Garduno, Van Nuys, CA: 03:02:36 2. Elionai Gutierrez, Norwalk, CA: 03:03:05 3. Omar Ortega, North Hills, CA: 03:03:22 4. Gavin Kerr, El Segundo, CA: 03:05:46 5. Ignacio Pineda, Culver City, CA: 03:11:11 6. Juan Granados, North Hills, CA: 03:14:57 7. Javier Jimenez, Sylmar, CA: 03:14:58 8. Noah Klein, Los Angeles, CA: 03:19:44 9. Aaron Misakian, Raymond, CA: 03:20:23 10. Jonathan Williams, Thermal, CA: 03:21:07 MEN 18 TO 24 1. Zebedayo Bayo, Tanzania: 02:11:21 2.
March 6, 2000
MEN TOP 400 1. Benson Mutisya Mbithi, Kenya: 2:11:55 2. Mark Yatich, Kenya: 2:16:43 3. Peter Ndirangu Nairobi, Kenya: 2:17:42 4. Simon Bor, Kenya: 2:20:12 5. Christopher Cheboiboch, Kenya: 2:20:41 6. Erwin Sanabria, Compton: 2:22:56* 7. Jose Teles De Sousa, Brazil: 2:22:58 8. Eliseo Garcia, Mexico: 2:24:35 9. Samuel Lopez, Mexico: 2:25:35 10. Tesfaye Bekele, Ethiopia: 2:27:01 11. Marco Ortiz, Los Angeles: 2:27:33 12. Ivan Gomez, Canada: 2:28:14 13. Marjorie Nixon, Costa Mesa: 2:30:57 14.
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