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May 24, 1990 | PETER BENNETT, Bennett is a Southland free-lance writer.
This weekend, load the trunk with a rock hammer, chisels, a pick and shovel and all the water you can carry. Your destination is Opal Canyon, the Mojave Desert home of two opal mines that allow visitors to hunt and keep the fabled semiprecious stones. The Kern County mines are the only known sources of gem-fire opals in California, and one of only three recognized opal fields in the United States.
January 31, 2012 | Eric Sondheimer
There has been a longtime assumption, if not an unwritten commandment, in the world of high school sports: Thou shall play for your high school team if you want to be spotted by a college recruiter and offered a scholarship. Don't tell that to Palm Desert High senior Tanner Rahier. He is a shortstop bound for the University of San Diego who hasn't played high school baseball since his freshman year. "If you have the talent, they'll find you," Rahier said. Rahier is an example of the changing landscape in college recruiting.
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