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May 4, 1986
I'd like to give thanks to Mayor Tom Bradley and the members of the City Council. If these notables could have broken away from their personal politicking sometime during the past six years perhaps the people of Los Angeles wouldn't have been robbed of a goodly portion of their cultural heritage. These "public servants" will blame Proposition 13 and Reagan Administration cuts, but we know the fire-blackened remains of the library stand as a perfect monument to their procrastination and incompetence.
March 4, 1987
If, in any other organization but the government, the President and his top executives were found guilty of "colossal blunders" they would be asked to resign and quickly replaced. Top executives in Washington are public servants and in the public trust, but apparently we do not demand integrity from those at the top, and already excuses and "plans for rebuilding" are being publicly discussed. In my opinion, those of the military who misused public funds should be court-martialed.
September 12, 1986 | From Reuters
More than 1 million Brazilian workers began a strike Thursday to press the wage demands of bank employees, union spokesmen said. Besides the strikers, estimated at 750,000, schoolteachers and public servants joined the stoppage in support of the bank workers, who voted to stop work indefinitely after employers rejected demands for a 26.5% pay increase. Labor Minister Almir Pazzianotto said the government is negotiating with the unions and hopes for a solution before the end of the week.
September 5, 1993
With all the recent media attention on the apparent lack of involvement by public servants in the crises faced by youth, it is heartening that you took the time to report on the success of the Truancy Mediation Program implemented by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office ("Tracking Truants," Aug. 16). The many phone calls, letters and pledges for assistance received as a result of your article clearly demonstrate the community's support for early proactive intervention with our youth.
May 3, 1992
People with AIDS are not the only ones who find it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain medical insurance, "AIDS Disclosure by Ashe Putting Heat on Insurers" (April 16). For example, my daughter, who was born with Down's syndrome, is unable to obtain private medical insurance because Down's is an uninsurable "prior condition." Legislators and government workers, including the President, all receive health insurance that is, at least in part, at taxpayers' expense. They are not told that they are uninsurable.
January 23, 2003 | Mark Swed, Times Staff Writer
The first minutes of Opera Pacific's "Abduction From the Seraglio" are promising. The overture is exactingly conducted by Jane Glover, who leads the opera without a score and who gets the orchestra to play in a convincing period-instrument style. The curtain rises to reveal a handsome replica of the Orient Express. The costumes suggest the 1920s. The cast, it is immediately apparent, is young, stylish and entertaining.
November 24, 1990
How could our Administration have been so stupid? It's obvious now that the Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Council of Churches have seen fit to enlighten us. All that would have been required last August would have been for these highly principled bodies to have passed their resolutions deploring the Iraqi conduct and forwarded these to Hussein. Think of all the problems and costs this would have saved us, since no doubt, immediately upon receiving his copies of these resolutions, Hussein would have seen the error of his ways, withdrawn his troops and apologized to the Kuwaitis.
December 1, 1991
At a time when the public's confidence in its leaders is at an all-time low, the Capistrano Bay Park and Recreation District trustees have reinforced this. By granting themselves health benefits at the public's expense ("Park Board Trustee Opposes Health Plan," Nov. 19), they have given strength to the view that so-called public servants are first and foremost out to pad their own pockets. Trustee Mike Reed deserves recognition for casting the sole vote against this self-serving action.
October 10, 1992
Last month, the Ventura County grand jury received unwelcome publicity for allegedly being rude to Ron Komers, the director of personnel for the county government. The jury was attempting to investigate the startlingly poorly timed pay raises given to county employees. Much thanks is owed to the grand jury for its diligence and at least as much thanks to The Times for going beyond this point with its analyses of salary and benefits provided to more highly paid county "public servants."
June 24, 1986
Your article about Ayala is very upsetting. Why does this senator want to oust this member of the Air Quality Management Board? Because she is trying to do what she was appointed to the board to do--improve the quality of the air? And what are his charges against Schiller? "We don't need anyone coming into our area and agitating the troops and that is exactly what this lady does," says Ayala. How heinous! He is angry because she takes her job seriously enough to want to help people breathe in Ayala's own district.
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