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November 23, 2006
Re "Hard ground," Opinion, Nov. 20 To continue arguing that Jewish settlements are an obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians is to ignore the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. After all, Israel removed its settlements from Gaza. What did it gain in return? A daily barrage of rockets raining down on Israeli villages, killing and injuring innocent civilians. Sooner or later, Bernard Avishai and all other misguided people of his mind-set will realize that the only hope for peace lies in the realization by Palestinian Arabs that Israel is here to stay and that they stand to benefit more by accepting Israelis as neighbors than by trying to destroy them.
August 5, 1997 | DAVAN MAHARAJ
Denying a request to seal the files of some 50 couples in the UC Irvine fertility scandal, a Superior Court judge Monday set Aug. 15 as the date on which he will approve the couples' $10-million settlement with the university and release the files. Lawyers for the couples had requested that Judge Robert E. Thomas keep the settlements sealed, citing privacy concerns. Instead, Thomas ordered the lawyers to submit details, including the plaintiffs' names and the dollar amounts they are to receive.
October 1, 2003 | Jonathan Peterson, Times Staff Writer
California officials Tuesday urged federal regulators to throw out pending settlements with 27 power suppliers for alleged misconduct in the state's energy marketplace. In filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the California attorney general and other parties said the settlements shortchanged ratepayers stung by inflated power costs during the energy crisis. The deals "are completely inappropriate," said Vickie Whitney, a deputy state attorney general.
May 28, 2006
Re "Paying for Israel's makeover," Opinion, May 22 The American taxpayer has been footing the bill for Israel's occupation of Palestinian land to the tune of $3 billion to $5 billion per year. Under the Fourth Geneva Convention, the annexation of occupied territory is illegal. In the interest of peace, every single Israeli settlement on Palestinian land should be dismantled immediately. And in the interest of justice, Israel should repay American taxpayers for every dollar that was misappropriated into this illegal venture.
June 25, 1991
During the last few weeks, Times staff writer Daniel Williams has focused a number of his articles on the issue of Jewish settlements in the territories of Judea-Samaria and the Gaza district. The following facts need to be emphasized so that the issue will be placed in the proper context and perspective. The absence of peace negotiations between Israel and its Arab adversaries has nothing to do with the settlements. The Arabs, with the notable exception of Egypt, have refrained from negotiating with Israel because they reject the legitimacy of Israel's existence, and in their hostility refuse to deal directly with Israel without preconditions.
November 22, 1991 | JOHN PENNER
The county government will soon begin paying $2.7 million to the county's 27 school districts, settling a lawsuit in which the districts sought a share of penalties collected by the county for delinquent property taxes. The payments, which will begin within two weeks, come on the heels of a similar settlement between the county and 50 other public agencies, including most Orange County cities.
February 1, 2000 | Bloomberg News
Toshiba Corp. won a federal judge's approval for a $2.1-billion settlement of a lawsuit that alleged the world's largest notebook computer maker intentionally sold machines with faulty floppy disk controllers. It's one of the largest product liability settlements in U.S. history and the biggest in the high-technology industry, expert witnesses in the case said.
January 20, 2003
Re "Moderate Breeze in Israel," Jan 15: Nearly 10 years ago, the first President Bush helped advance Mideast peace by rejecting an Israeli request for $10 billion in loan guarantees, as he signaled U.S. displeasure over continued illegal settlement activity by the right-wing government of Yitzhak Shamir. Such resoluteness on the part of the U.S. helped Shamir's moderate rival, Yitzhak Rabin, get elected and could well have resulted in peace had he not been assassinated by Israeli extremists.
May 10, 1988 | THOMAS BONK
Walt Hazzard has been keeping busy. He played in a round-robin tennis tournament over the weekend. The week before, he was in Philadelphia visiting his family and taking part in a celebration of city basketball. The top attractions were Wilt Chamberlain and Hazzard, among the greatest high school basketball players in Philadelphia history. Hazzard's attorney, Jerry Roth, has also been busy lately.
April 27, 2004 | From Reuters
Janus Capital Group is close to announcing a settlement over alleged mutual fund trading violations, people close to the talks said Monday. One source said the company would pay more than $200 million in fines and disgorgement of profit. The settlement is expected to be announced within days, one source said. Denver-based Janus, which is scheduled to report first-quarter earnings Wednesday, last week said Chief Executive Mark Whiston would resign.
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