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Sex Education

May 31, 1992 | From Associated Press
Christian fundamentalists failed in their attempt to change new sex education guidelines they claim would promote gay lifestyles, but they said they will regroup for another try this summer. The state Curriculum Commission, which advises the state Board of Education, approved health education guidelines Thursday without deleting sex education sections attacked by conservative groups.
April 2, 2014 | By Alana Semuels
TUNICA, Miss. - Marie Barnard was delighted when, after decades of silence on the topic, Mississippi passed a law requiring school districts to teach sex education. But the lesson involving the Peppermint Pattie wasn't what she had in mind for her sons. The curricula adopted by the school district in Oxford called on students to unwrap a piece of chocolate, pass it around class and observe how dirty it became. "They're using the Peppermint Pattie to show that a girl is no longer clean or valuable after she's had sex - that she's been used," said Barnard, who works in public health.
March 25, 1993 | JAMES MAIELLA JR.
After nearly two years of work by a committee of teachers, parents and religious leaders, the Moorpark school board has unanimously adopted a new sex education curriculum that introduces AIDS as a topic for discussion as early as kindergarten. The board is expected to decide on specific instructional materials in June and the curriculum could debut in Moorpark classes next September.
February 20, 2014 | By Margaret Gray
It's hard to think of a clearer instance of preaching to the converted than a play in which a grammarian gets the best of an athlete. The Colony Theatre Company's spirited production of Lissa Levin's entertaining, sitcom-y “Sex and Education” gives us Stephanie Zimbalist (“Remington Steele”) as Miss Edwards, a deliciously dry, jaded English teacher whose belief in the importance of grammar has relegated her to a life of solitude and frustration. As she explains to the audience (the many soliloquies are set off from the action by Jared A. Sayeg's lighting)
December 15, 1995 | GEBE MARTINEZ
By their own admission, it is an odd match. Here was Claire Connelly, a lesbian activist from Ventura County, recently engaging in political strategy with the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon of Anaheim, one of the most notorious opponents of homosexuality. So cozy have they become that Connelly joked that if all went according to plan, she promised not to make a pass at Sheldon's daughter, Andrea, who works as a lobbyist for Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition.
July 22, 1989 | MEDE NIX, United Press International
While battles rage as to whether students should be taught about sex and whether school is the place to teach it, a national survey shows that what is currently being taught in the nation's schools is not being taught well. The report by the Guttmacher Institute for the National Education Assn. surveyed 4,241 school nurses and teachers who would most often be responsible for teaching sex education. Of those surveyed, 93% reported that their schools offer sex-education instruction.
June 15, 1988
The Los Angeles school board has agreed to offer sex education to fifth- and sixth-graders in 30 elementary schools next fall. Using parent volunteers, school nurses and regular classroom teachers, the $108,000 pilot program will introduce material on physical and emotional changes in puberty, family structures and the responsibilities of parenting, said Ruth Rich, who oversees health instruction for the district.
January 16, 1987 | MARLENE CIMONS, Times Staff Writer
Top federal health officials, who have advocated comprehensive AIDS sex education as a critical weapon for curbing the deadly epidemic, are facing a serious challenge from officials in the Education Department who oppose their proposals as "clinically correct but morally empty," The Times has learned.
November 16, 1990 | DAN WEIKEL
Despite a two-year effort by a traditional-values group to exorcise the sex education curriculum of Newport Mesa-Unified School District, the once-controversial courses remain as popular as ever, educators say. "Everything that happened certainly didn't hurt enrollment," said Mike Marino, a Corona del Mar High School teacher who teaches sex education. "My classes are just as big as they used to be, and I am teaching as many sections as I can handle."
March 12, 1987 | Associated Press
The state Board of Education on Wednesday narrowly adopted California's first specific guidelines for teaching students about homosexuality, AIDS, contraception, abortion, and other sex-related issues. Opponents immediately vowed to stage protests in school districts throughout the state and threatened legal challenges, claiming that the guidelines virtually endorse homosexuality and abortion by failing to condemn them.
September 19, 2013 | By Emily Keeler
Looking to classic novels to learn about the spirit of love is one thing, but what can “The Idiot” teach young people about sexual responsibility? Instead of a curriculum covering condoms and sexually transmitted diseases, Pavel Astakhov, Russia's children's ombudsman, is advising that children look to literary fiction. “The best sex education that exists is Russian literature ," Astakhov told Rossiya-24 news channel. "In fact, literature in general. Everything is there, about love and about relationships between sexes.
August 22, 2012 | By Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times
Central Valley teenager Taylor Ghimenti learned in her 9th grade sex education class that HIV-AIDS could be spread by kissing — a medically inaccurate statement. In the 2009 class, her mother said, Taylor was taught only about abstinence as protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies and given no information about condoms or contraception. That launched a quest by her mother, Mica Ghimenti, to change the Clovis Unified School District's high school sex education curriculum.
February 19, 2008 | Geraldine Baum, Times Staff Writer
On a recent weekday, Clemence Dubreuil had no school because her teachers were on strike, so the 9-year-old begged her mother to take her to a museum to see a new exhibit about sex. If that all sounds very French, it is: Strikes are as much a part of the national character as frank talk about sex. But as the exhibit and the mild controversy surrounding it are proving, the cliches need some updating.
April 16, 2007
Re "Drug-resistant gonorrhea spreading rapidly in U.S.," April 13 This article proves to me that abstinence-only sex education in our public schools should be encouraged, not ridiculed. Sixty years ago, when I took sex education in a public high school, abstinence before marriage and monogamy were taught as sensible and healthy norms for society. It is a joke on our sexually active youth today that something from a drugstore can prevent or cure sexually transmitted diseases. Why does this health-obsessed society rage at cigarette smoke and trans fats but condone behavior that invites gonorrhea and worse?
April 12, 2007
Re "Abstaining from federal sex-ed funds," April 8 Since when does intolerant religious dogma dictate the national policy on sexual education for our children? Since President Bush and Republicans forced an abstinence-only agenda on states for federal funding. The stated goal: Achieve chastity for our hormonally active children. I would have had to lock my six daughters in their rooms for the duration of their teenage years to achieve this goal. The absurdity of the abstinence-based programs became apparent last year when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a memo stating that states "must not" promote contraceptive and condom use to receive funding.
June 18, 2006 | Judith Levine, Judith Levine is the author of "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex." Her fourth book, "Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping," was released in March.
KRISTIN LUKER is the Rodney King of sociology. Finding herself in the midst of a riot, where history's hatreds are written on the combatants as indelibly as gang tattoos, she stands up, blinks and asks: Why can't we all just get along? Luker picks the streets where the glass is shattering and the cars are burning: abortion, teen pregnancy and, in "When Sex Goes to School," public school sex education.
March 30, 1994 | JENNIFER OLDHAM
The Glendale Unified School District has developed new sex education guidelines in the wake of controversy over the cancellation of an AIDS awareness play last month. The guidelines, which were formally accepted by the school board Tuesday, are a clarification of current district policy, officials said, and will become part of a districtwide Family Life Education program now in place.
School officials have approved the use in classrooms of a conservative Christian publisher's sex education booklet that was challenged by dozens of parents as a biased and unconstitutional effort to push Christian values in public schools. The Conejo Valley Unified School Board's decision prompted immediate threats of a lawsuit by residents who contend that the schools' use of the brochure, "How to Help Your Kids Say 'No' to Sex," violates the constitutional separation of church and state.
February 13, 2006 | Randye Hoder, RANDYE HODER is a writer in Los Angeles.
I WAS HANGING around this week at my son's elementary school, chatting with a group of parents as we waited to take our second- and third-graders on a field trip. Suddenly, one mom raced toward me and, nearly breathless, said, "You have to tell me about Glove Affair." "What's Glove Affair?" another mom asked. "It's a condom party for teenagers," the first mom replied before I could say a word.
September 29, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Trustees in Orange County's largest school district approved a controversial health curriculum late Tuesday on the condition that a new textbook that pushes abstinence be supplemented with information that covers birth control alternatives. Sex education has long been a controversial issue in the Santa Ana Unified School District, located in a city where the teen birth rate is double the national average.
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