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Sexual Dysfunction

May 17, 1986
As usual, Cal Thomas pontificates from his Liberty Federation's ivory tower with his Neanderthal "if they play, let them pay!" mentality. Who gave him a special revelation from on high to decide when sexual activity is premature? But since he asks, "Why not tell teen-agers to avoid premarital sex?" I will answer his question. The unfortunate choice of the term "premarital" implies, of course, that sex within the context of legal marriage is the only licit outlet for this urgent drive.
October 13, 1985 | JAMES QUINN, Times Staff Writer
Showing a movie of male and female genitals during orgasm is a sure way to wake up sleepy students at a morning class. As California State University, Northridge, human sexuality instructor James Elias has discovered, it's also a quick way to bring an auditorium filled with more than 200 whispering undergraduates to absolute silence. "You don't see a lot of heads nodding or chattering going on when the films are on," he said.
May 23, 1985 | DAVID HALDANE, Times Staff Writer
A group of physicians associated with Memorial Medical Center of Long Beach has opened a clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction in men and women. Although many area clinics treat male sexual dysfunction, centers equipped to diagnose and treat sexual problems of women are rare, said Dr. Allan Shanberg, director of the Memorial Center for Sexual Function, which opened Monday. "Roles are changing," said Shanberg, a staff urologist at the medical center.
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