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February 10, 1990
So UCLA's Jim Harrick loses a close game to his cross-town opponents that he and his team obviously underestimated: Does that give him the excuse to walk off the floor without making any attempt to shake hands with USC's George Raveling? How classless, how immature. ROBERT L. FRANCIS, Fullerton
September 18, 1990 | Associated Press
Two moderate earthquakes struck the Caribbean within minutes of each other Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but no injuries or damage was reported.
January 20, 1986 | From Reuters
A radio station here said Sunday that it received many panic calls, particularly from people living on remote farms, after two earth tremors shook northern sections of the Falklands within a minute of each other Saturday.
March 7, 1996
Bullet Sports International Inc. announced a top-level management shake-up Wednesday. Los Angeles attorney Richard P. Crane Jr. was named chairman of the company, which makes golf clubs, and John Haas becomes president, chief executive and a director. Haas, who has been involved in golf course development, was named chief operating officer at Bullet in December. Crane replaces Douglas L. Hawthorne, who remains a director. Haas replaces Ronald Rangel, who resigned as president.
February 3, 1987 | From Reuters
Seven earth tremors measuring between 3.0 and 5.5 on the Richter scale shook the southwestern Mexican states of Guerrero and Oaxaca on Monday, the National Seismic Service said. There were no reports of damage or injury.
June 25, 1989 | From Associated Press
Two 4.1- magnitude earthquakes shook residents awake early Saturday, but no damage or injuries were reported, officials at the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colo., said. The temblors struck five miles north of this community. It was not immediately known whether the second quake, occurring an hour later, was an aftershock of the first.
August 11, 1991 | JEANNE A. TAYLOR, JEANNE A. TAYLOR is a spokeswoman for Great Beginnings for Black Babies, a campaign designed to reduce the relatively high occurence of black infant mortality. Commenting on the involvement of black teens in the campaign--and their image--she told The Times: and
It's regrettable, but the media does not give black teens a fair shake. For example, they appear to concentrate entirely on gang activity, drugs and murder when they focus on African-American youth, giving some the impression that all black teens are violent. Meanwhile, scores of articulate and well-motivated young people never see their names in print or their faces on television news.
December 14, 1997 | BEVERLY BEYETTE
Before chardonnay was as American as Coca-Cola, there was the cocktail. Ladies sipped sweet pink concoctions laced with gin--and real men drank martinis. Well, the cocktail's back. But who among us can whip up a pousse cafe, a Pernod frappe? Now comes the Bartender's Deck, 50 boxed cards revealing on their flip sides the secrets of everything from an Angel's Kiss to a Zombie.
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