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September 20, 2009 | BOOTH MOORE, FASHION CRITIC
If the fall season on display six months ago was all about Michael Jackson -- extreme shoulder-padded 1980s -- then spring is about the deconstructed, ripped and slashed, ugly/pretty anti-fashion 1980s that was ushered in by Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto and other Japanese designers. During the just concluded New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs referenced the mood most faithfully with his extravaganza of underwear as outerwear, gender-bending ruffle-trimmed pinstripe jackets, and clownish playsuits with harlequin cutouts.
November 12, 1989
I do enjoy watching your editorial page come up with egg on its face. I refer to Yes on M, No on N, Orange County Perspective (Nov. 7). It is rather presumptuous for The Times to state how we should vote--and to state that a yes on N is the product of a prejudiced mind. Thus, having the population reject your recommendations since you were clearly trying to influence the outcome is sheer poetry. FRANK A. ANDERSON Irvine
July 26, 1990
The purpose of wearing a wristwatch, I had thought, is to know the time readily. Nowadays, of course, watches can be had that tell us all manner of things. They are useful to those who do not trust their memories. But a diamond-studded Rolex, costing thousands? Sheer ostentation. An acquaintance of mine has carried the quest for status one step further. He tells all who will listen a marvelously detailed story of having been robbed at gunpoint of his Rolex. Now that's real status, and far cheaper and less risky, for he has never owned one. FRED SCIFERS Downey
August 25, 1996
Bravo to Marc Litchman for his column "Face the Music--Pay to Play" (Aug. 18) on the attempt by special interest groups to rob songwriters of their honest income. The Constitution guarantees us many things, but most implicitly, the right to earn money for the work we do. Members of the right, especially the religious right, want to deprive songwriters of this basic right. Anyone who believes in the capitalist system--for example, the Republicans--must support the side of the songwriters to get paid for their labors.
March 24, 1996
Your front-page article March 7 on the death of Thien Minh Ly chronicles a horrific and despicable crime of murder out of a sheer passion for the sport of it. One cannot be anything but deeply saddened and full of sorrow for Thien's parents. They have now had to go through a double ordeal, hearing of the death of their son and finding out the details of his last moment alive. Naturally, Gunner J. Lindberg is innocent until proven guilty. However, if he is found guilty, he is a prime example of why we should have the death penalty.
May 4, 1985
For sheer bias, bigotry and prejudice, I have rarely read an article so flagrant as the piece by Mike DiGiovanna. He concludes that drag boat racing is a trash sport because it attracts rowdies and has caused a death and therefore should be abolished. By the same logic, we should do away with boxing, auto racing, football--and even golf, because these elements find their way into practically every sporting event. Certainly it is dangerous, but that danger is one in which the participants are aware.
July 2, 1987
Raymond Price in his article (Editorial Pages, June 18), "Power to the President--Issue Is Whether Congress Will Paralyze the Executive," has it all wrong. That isn't the issue at all. The issue is whether the President will be allowed to continue to paralyze Congress. After all, there are approximately 250 million people in this country, many of whom are not especially looking forward to giving a final salute to the flag as the world goes up in flames because a semi-senile old man didn't know the difference between reality and fantasy.
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