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September 14, 2008 | Zachary Pincus-Roth, Special to The Times
The LITTLE girl steals it. That's why Carrie doesn't have her cellphone. And that's why Big can't reach her to say he's backing out of the wedding in the "Sex and the City" movie. A clever technique for creating drama? Or a contrived way to keep the pair from speaking, in an age in which everyone has a cell handy? Either way, the episode shows how our pesky pocket devices have become crucial to storytelling. The U.S. had 255 million cellphone subscribers (83% of the population)
March 27, 2008 | By Mike James, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Huntsville, Ala. The National Golf Foundation , which tracks trends throughout the industry, considers an avid golfer to be anyone who plays eight rounds a year. I'm not sure what that means my three friends and I are. Fanatic? Obsessive compulsive? Nuts? Four of us recently returned from a trip to Alabama's incomparable Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail , a collection at 11 sites of 26 courses whose beauty can steal your breath and whose difficulty can shred your pride.
January 8, 2007 | Mark Olsen, Special to The Times
Psychotic baby-sitters, a mobbed-up magician, a kung fu-crazed preteen boy and one nymphomaniac -- these are just a few of the beyond-the-pale characters coming to theaters this year in a trio of movies that openly (and gleefully) pay homage to the lowbrow "exploitation" films of the 1960s and '70s.
December 26, 2006 | Ieva M. Augstums, The Associated Press
Here's a little secret, guys: Wearing pantyhose is no fun. Sure, their sheer allure enhances the legs. But they're tight, uncomfortable and one little rip can make them run -- and ruin an entire outfit. And although they once were a staple in a career woman's wardrobe, sheer hosiery today faces an even bigger snag that can't be fixed with clear nail polish or a Band-Aid -- more than a decade of declining sales. At Hanesbrands Inc.
November 19, 2006 | T.J. Simers, Times Staff Writer
I look back now on a time when I loved my family, when I arranged for all of us to spend two weeks together -- the wife, the two daughters, the grandchild and even the son-in-law, who obviously wouldn't have to worry about missing work. It was my idea, renting a limo to drive to the airport, flying everyone to Denver, renting a 37-foot RV with a pair of SideOuts -- how cool is that? -- and arriving in time for a family reunion in Louisville, Ky. Wouldn't the relatives be jealous?
October 24, 2006 | Ann Powers, Times Staff Writer
Something strange happened to this critic's ears on the journey home from this weekend's Arthur Nights concerts at the Palace Theatre downtown: they pricked up. Every song flowing out of the car radio sounded fresh and full of potential. Forty acts sampled over three long evenings should have produced exhaustion, but instead the pageant was restorative, thanks to music that kept raising questions about what it means to make music at all.
September 20, 2006 | DAN NEIL
THE problem is not with the BMW M6, the Bavarian carmaker's 500-horsepower, 10-cylinder, seven-speed stupendo-coupe. The problem is the world around it. It's just too small. Even here in Los Angeles, America's biggest concrete playground and in places a free-fire zone of automotive misdeed, no off-ramp is long enough, no highway straight enough, no parking lot half so empty as to wring out half this car's scale-pegging potential.
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