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Ship Seizures

April 2, 1989 | GEORGE STEIN, Times Staff Writer
U.S. Coast Guard personnel raced out to a huge cargo ship leaving Long Beach harbor early Saturday, boarded it and ordered the captain to relinquish command after receiving a radioed warning from the first mate that the captain was drunk at the helm and steering erratically. The captain, Alan Jones, complied, took a blood alcohol test on board the 728-foot Century Hope and was being investigated for possible charges of operating a vessel negligently and the nautical equivalent of drunk driving.
March 28, 1989 | ANDREW LePAGE, Times Staff Writer
The Scripps Institution of Oceanography vessel seized by Customs agents in Honolulu last week under the "zero tolerance" anti-drug policy is on its way again, but Scripps is left holding a $20,000 bill for legal and staff fees and faces the prospect of a hefty fine or even forfeiture of the research ship. After finding 1 gram of marijuana aboard the Thomas Washington last Monday, U. S. Customs Service inspectors seized the ship.
March 27, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
Iran's navy hijacked an Arab tycoon's yacht with five members of Kuwait's royal family and four Britons aboard and was holding them for ransom, news reports said Sunday. Government information officers in Kuwait, Bahrain and other Persian Gulf states said that they had no information about the incident, which reportedly occurred Thursday. "We're very puzzled by the Kuwaiti report," said a Bahrain-based shipping source.
February 16, 1989 | DOUGLAS JEHL, Times Staff Writer
Backing away from its controversial policy of "zero tolerance," the government will no longer seize commercial fishing boats found to be carrying small quantities of illegal drugs, the Coast Guard and Customs Service said Wednesday. The change took effect immediately after the announcement by Coast Guard Adm. Paul Yost and Customs Service Commissioner William Von Raab.
February 10, 1989 | From United Press International
Federal authorities had hoped for a hefty sum Thursday when they auctioned off a 65-foot fishing trawler seized in an international drug-smuggling case. They got $10. "As far as I know, it is lowest bid for a ship in Rhode Island since the state entered the Union in 1790," U.S. Marshal Donald Wyatt said.
December 18, 1988 | From Reuters
The mother and brother-in-law of Frenchwoman Jacqueline Valente, kidnaped more than a year ago by Palestinian radicals, said Saturday that they will spend Christmas in Beirut as a gesture of support. Valente was one of eight Europeans on board the yacht Silco when it was seized by Abu Nidal's Fatah Revolutionary Council off the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip in November, 1987.
November 7, 1988 | CHARLES J. STEPHENS, Charles J. Stephens is a media fellow at the Hoover Institution.
"We, the People . . . . " What has been called the first liberty, the precious right to vote, will once again be exercised by the American people. Tuesday, "we, the people" will say either "yes" or "no" to candidates George Bush and Michael S.
October 13, 1988 | RICH ROBERTS, Times Staff Writer
Cuban officials Wednesday released a small American vessel carrying strange cargo--New Zealand's America's Cup sailboat--after holding it for 23 1/2 hours. A Cuban gunboat had intercepted the offshore oil supply vessel Tampa Seahorse on Tuesday, alleging it had penetrated the island's claimed 12-mile territorial limit en route from San Diego to New York, via the Panama Canal. The United States generally recognizes only 3-mile limits for international waters.
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