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Shirley Wolf

March 13, 1988
If a proposed $300-billion military budget for 1988-89 is holding "defense hostage" what does Cordesman propose--that we throw all the rest of the nation's priorities into the trash can and concentrate on the more wasteful overpriced nonproductive manufacture of weapons of war which become obsolete even before they can be utilized? Shall we dump more of the mentally ill into the streets, close our eyes to the homeless, the aged, the sick and the unemployed? Shall we give up on the war against hunger, disease, ignorance and illiteracy?
June 25, 1988
I don't agree with your suggestion that the Board of Supervisors be expanded and that we elect a county executive and a nine-member board to serve as a legislative body. When you expand government all you get is more political bureaucracy for your money. With a $2-billion state deficit, hospital emergency rooms closing down, the homeless and mentally ill roaming our streets, housing and rents at an all-time high, affordable medical insurance nonexistent for the working poor and the middle class, education and transportation taking a beating, and day-care centers sadly lacking, how do you propose to pay the increased price?
November 8, 1990
I can't believe it! "State Dedicates Reagan Office Building," I read. A President who exited office leaving an ungodly mess: a trillion-dollar-plus national deficit, the savings and loan $500-billion-plus disaster, Irangate; a man who threw hundreds of thousands of mentally ill into the streets virtually single-handedly, who rewarded ultra-rich individuals and corporations with generous "trickle-down" tax breaks that caused the record-breaking deficit,...
April 15, 1985
Once again Ronald Reagan delivers an unabashedly false, decidedly stupid, incredibly insensitive response in his excuse for not visiting the infamous death camps during his trip to Germany this summer. Bad memories must not be reawakened, he urges blandly, very few Germans are alive who even remember the war, he continues unbelievably, (is he kidding?) so why should a guilt feeling be imposed, etc., ad nauseam? Anyone who has viewed films of Hitler's speeches in Munich or Berlin and watched the adoring masses with upraised fists shouting "Heil Hitler" during the war years, must be aware that a great number of Germans exist who not only remember the war but also participated with zeal in it, and perhaps in the atrocities as well.
February 20, 1992
Come on now! You mean to say that those individuals who can afford to pay more than $100,000 for a boat and more than $250,000 for a plane balk at paying a 10% luxury tax on anything above those prices? If we peasants in California, and in most other states, uncomplainingly pay an 8.25% sales tax on necessities such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, etc., not to mention certain foods, why should the super-rich whine about a special tax on their super-luxurious playthings? I'm sure some way can be found to write it off as a business expense.
November 15, 1990
In answer to the letters of Shirley Wolf and Phil Pister on naming the new state building for Ronald Reagan (Nov. 8): Yes, it is entirely fitting that the man who governed California so well as his fiscal policies proved, a man who as President bankrupted the entire Eastern Bloc, a man who removed the threat of atomic warfare between the Soviet Union and the U.S., thus saving hundreds of millions from annihilation or perhaps saving the human race,...
February 8, 1993
I totally agree that the "Red Line Should Follow Wilshire" (Commentary, Jan. 27). It would make even more sense to go farther west than Westwood, in fact, right up to the Pacific Ocean. Millions of people visit the beach in Southern California for at least six months of the year, and on weekends the rest of the time. Just try to get a parking spot at Santa Monica during those times. Good luck! And all of them arrive via smelly, gas-guzzling, pollution-producing automobiles or buses.
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