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October 22, 1999 | TIMES FASHION WRITERS
It's hard to imagine that pockets of small-town America exist in the spread and sprawl of Southern California. But they do here and there. Montrose, a tiny community in Glendale snuggled in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, offers that small-town spirit and ambience. It's a step back in time with its 1950s bowling alley, the 50-year-old independent Faye's Department Store, tree-lined streets, quaint shops, service-oriented merchants and a weekly farmers market.
January 21, 2010 | By Corina Knoll
Growing up next door to Chuy Carburetors in Cypress Park meant Christian Martin got his bicycle tires filled up by brotherly mechanics and, when he got older, his car battery jumped for free. Over the years, additional mom-and-pop auto shops cropped up in his neighborhood, just north of where the 110 and 5 freeways intersect, and Martin, 30, says he'd welcome more. "It's convenient, and they're local so they won't try to rob you," he said. "They're just part of the neighborhood."
November 12, 2009 | Monte Morin
Los Angeles Police Department detectives are asking for the public's help in identifying an armed man who has robbed more than a dozen sandwich and retail shops in South Los Angeles. The man, whom authorities have dubbed the "Left-Handed Eyeglass Bandit," typically walks in the front door of a business, draws a small-caliber revolver with his left hand and demands money from the clerk. Police described the robber as an African American man in his 30s, who is 5 feet 10 and weighs between 160 and 190 pounds.
February 2, 1986 | JENNIFER MERIN, Merin is a New York City free-lance writer.
Visitors to bustling Mexico City seem to find the Zona Rosa, or Pink Zone, irresistible. This neighborhood, 13 square blocks in the center of the city, boasts the finest hotels and restaurants. And the shopping is superb. The Zona Rosa is an enclave of European influence and sophistication, suggested by its street names--Londres, Hamburgo, Florencia, Genova and others.
June 27, 1989 | From Reuters
Goldsmiths and jewelers shut their shops for a second day here Monday to protest increasing robberies. Shop owners held a rally to demand police protection.
August 15, 1999 | JENNY TRIPP, Jenny Tripp is a screenwriter who lives in Thousand Oaks
"OK, all together now: John-ka-NAK-a-NAK-a, too-ri-ay!" My two kids and I, and 15 or so other rhythm-challenged people, are hauling away at a long, heavy rope, more or less in sync with the sea chantey we're singing, putting our backs into raising a sail that looks--and feels--approximately the size of North America.
July 3, 1985
A 100-foot-long tile facade on a row of Sherman Oaks shops in the 1300 block of West Moorpark Street crashed down onto the sidewalk this morning, injuring one woman and trapping 28 people inside stores, Fire Department officials said. The woman, who was not immediately identified, was taken to Sherman Oaks Community Hospital with minor injuries. Shoppers and storekeepers were freed after firemen cleared away debris. Cause of the incident is under investigation.
The narrow streets will be jammed with cars today and the festive Lion Dance Parade will again lure huge crowds into lower Manhattan as New York's historic Chinatown celebrates New Year's. But appearances are deceiving in a community that was devastated by the Sept. 11 attacks. Thousands of workers who live here lost their jobs after the nearby twin towers fell and businesses closed. Phone service has yet to be fully restored and tourism has fallen off dramatically.
June 21, 2009 | Times Staff And Wire Reports
Americans may be cutting back on computers, books, washing machines and jewelry, but they're still going to the dentist. Sageworks, which collects data on private companies, said the average dentist office saw 6.9% sales growth in the 12 months through April. Oral hygiene isn't the only area with sales gains in the recession, Sageworks said. Among the service and product providers seeing revenue gains: Accountants tallied 10.2% higher revenue; storage companies' sales rose 9.6%; building contractors, such as electricians and plumbers, had sales gains of 4.6% as homeowners focused on remodeling; grocery store sales receipts grew by 6.7%; and personal-care shops, such as hair salons, barber shops and skin-care providers, saw sales increase 4.5%.
July 8, 1990
I visited Chile two weeks after Dorfman. I saw a business district swarming with hard-working people bustling among small shops. Everything seemed in ample supply and demand. I visited the poorer areas of the town and saw clean streets, a proud people and decent houses surrounding tiny shops. And yes, at 2 a.m. I saw the carabineros roughing up a young man while taking him to their armored car. As my Chilean hostess screamed "Asesino!" at the Uzi-toting police, my personal belief in freedom quickly wrestled with my need to survive.
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