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Short Circuit

February 25, 1985
After the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series two years ago, Manager Joe Altobelli was a big man on the rubber-chicken circuit. How about last year, after the Orioles finished fifth in the American League East? "I had one invitation," Altobelli told Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post. "I went to a football banquet for my son. Saved 10 pounds." Altobelli accepts it philosophically, saying, "The managers in the playoffs last year had one thing in common. They'd all been fired."
October 17, 2013 | By Martin Tsai
A junkie hipster spin on the unreliable-narrator conceit, "Toad Road" is based on an urban legend about a trail dubbed the Seven Gates of Hell behind a former mental institution in York, Pa. Think of it as the CliffsNotes version of Dante Alighieri's "Inferno. " The film starts out with sort of a Harmony Korine homage, in which unsupervised slouches drop acid, forage for magic mushrooms, wrestle each other to the ground and perform stupid human tricks that are unfit for print. RELATED: More movie reviews by The Times When the up-to-no-good James (James Davidson)
May 31, 2008
Scientists for the Phoenix Mars Lander are wrestling with an intermittent short circuit in a device that will analyze ice and soil from the planet's surface. Phoenix's three-month mission is to study whether the Martian north pole region could support primitive life. The craft is to perform several experiments seeking traces of organic compounds.
February 20, 2013 | By W.J. Hennigan
Japan's investigation into a burning lithium-ion battery aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight found it was improperly wired, according to an Associated Press report . The country's Transport Safety Board had been looking into the circumstances that led the All Nippon Airways flight to make an emergency landing in southwestern Japan. All 137 passengers and crew were evacuated from the aircraft and slid down the Dreamliner's emergency slides. Video of the event captured by a passenger has been viewed worldwide.
April 11, 1985 | KEVIN THOMAS, Times Staff Writer
Allan Francovich's "Short Circuit" (at the Nuart Friday and Saturday only) is a 70-minute conversation with Col. Roberto Santivanez, former chief of El Salvador's intelligence agency. As Santivanez, a well-dressed, middle-aged man, sits at a window table at the Top of the Tower Restaurant in Arlington, Va.
May 30, 1991
A short circuit in an underground cable at a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power facility in Northridge left about 800 San Fernando Valley customers without power for several hours Wednesday evening. The power facility in the 10900 block of Tampa Avenue, near Nashville Street, developed a short circuit about 6:10 p.m., apparently the result of faulty cable insulation, department spokesman Ed Freudenburg said. Repair crews had restored power to about 200 customers by 9 p.m.
May 5, 1986 | United Press International
The sudden engine shutdown that doomed an unmanned Delta rocket Saturday may have been caused by a short circuit, investigators said today. The Delta failure follows the explosion of an Air Force Titan 34-D rocket April 18 and the destruction of the shuttle Challenger on Jan. 28, shocking the nation's space program with its worst string of failures in years.
May 6, 1986 | DAVID TREADWELL, Times Staff Writer
An electrical short circuit may have caused the loss of main-engine power that sent an unmanned Delta rocket with a $57.5-million weather satellite cartwheeling out of control just 71 seconds after blastoff, the head of NASA's Delta program said Monday.
August 2, 1988 | STEVE WEINSTEIN
On stage, Fisher Stevens, a self-described "thin, white Jewish kid from Chicago," has played everything from a WASPy leading man to a thin, white Jewish kid from Brooklyn. But in the movies, Stevens almost never gets to play an American. "I'm like the U.N.," Stevens jokes. "I've played a Mexican photographer, an Israeli soldier, an East Indian scientist. I turned down a part as an Afghani in 'Rambo III' and right after that I was offered a role as a guy from Uruguay.
April 16, 1994
An apparent electrical short circuit on the Red Line subway stranded hundreds of lunchtime commuters Friday beneath Downtown Los Angeles. Service was halted at 12:55 p.m. when a circuit breaker at Union Station was tripped--indicating to the subway's computer system that power to westbound trains was cut off, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said. Trains were back in service by about 1:15 p.m.
May 18, 2011
In a perfunctory order, the Supreme Court on Monday denied a day in court to five alleged victims of one of the grossest abuses of the war on terror: "extraordinary rendition. " That's the euphemism for transferring suspects abroad for interrogation and, it's alleged, torture. Besides denying the five any form of redress for their grievances, the court's action endorses the federal government's overuse of the so-called state secrets privilege to short-circuit the judicial process. That makes the court's action doubly shameful.
June 3, 2010 | By Ken Ellingwood, Los Angeles Times
A year later, Juanita Luna wonders whether she will ever see justice. On June 5, fire ripped through a preschool in northern Mexico, killing Luna's 3-year-old son, Jonatan, and 48 other youngsters trapped without working emergency exits. Dozens more suffered injuries. The tragedy in the northern city of Hermosillo revealed grievous safety lapses and official neglect, stirring pledges from Mexican authorities that those responsible for the accidental blaze would be punished.
January 12, 2010 | Dan Neil
This may come as something of a shock, but I am a liberal progressive environmental do-gooder. I know. Just keep breathing. You'll come around. I am also a car guy. As such, I am precisely the sort of prospect Renault means to cultivate in its film "Drive the Change" (Publicis), a two-minute corporate manifesto that declares the company's intention to radically reinvent personal mobility around electric-vehicle technology. The film debuted at the Frankfurt auto show in September, and various "Drive the Change" campaign works -- multiplexed across TV, Web and social media formats -- will circulate globally as Renault ramps up to sell four new electric models by 2011.
August 19, 2009
Two years ago, a bill that would have required California to get more power from clean, renewable sources such as the sun and wind stalled in the Legislature. Last year, lawmakers whiffed again. If they get a third strike on this overwhelmingly popular measure in the coming weeks, let's say we throw the bums out. Currently, investor-owned utilities in California are required to obtain 20% of their power from renewable sources by the end of 2010. That's a good start, but it doesn't go far enough.
June 7, 2009 | Diana Barrios and Ken Ellingwood, Barrios is a special correspondent. Cecilia Sanchez of The Times' Mexico City Bureau and Times staff writer Ruben Vives in Los Angeles contributed to this report.
Rescuers fought smoke and tore at walls to get to those trapped inside. One desperate father used his pickup as a battering ram. Many of the victims were too tiny to call for help. At least 38 children would die. The northern Mexican city of Hermosillo was plunged into grief and shock Saturday as investigators sought to pinpoint what sparked a swiftly moving fire at a crowded day-care center a day earlier. Officials said 142 children were in the center when the fire broke out.
August 30, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
General Motors Corp. recalled 944,000 sedans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks worldwide because of the potential for a short circuit in a system that heats windshield-wiper fluid. The voluntary recall affects 16 models from 2006 to 2008 that have the system, including Chevrolet Silverado pickups, Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs and Cadillac DTS sedans, the Detroit-based automaker said in a letter posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website. Of the vehicles, 857,735 are in the U.S.
February 27, 1995 | Reuters
A blast that killed at least 25 Russian servicemen in Chechnya on Saturday was the result of an electrical short circuit that caused an anti-mine device to explode, the Itar-Tass news agency said Sunday. Quoting sources at Russian campaign headquarters in Mozdok, the news agency said the accident occurred while a sapper unit on the southern outskirts of the Chechen capital, Grozny, was readying a device to be used to explode mines by remote control.
July 26, 2008 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
NASA released findings Thursday that indicate magnetic explosions about one-third of the way to the moon cause the northern lights, or aurora borealis, to dance across the sky in spectacular shapes and colors. A fleet of five small satellites, called Themis, observed the beginning of a geomagnetic storm in February, while ground observatories recorded the brightening of the northern lights. A team led by UCLA scientist Vassilis Angelopoulos confirmed that the observed storm about 80,000 miles from Earth was triggered by a phenomenon known as magnetic reconnection.
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